Resistance 2
Date: Wednesday, January 05 @ 01:24:48 EST
Topic: [PS2] Action Game Reviews

Since you guys hate consoles, I'll keep this short: It doesn't completely gargle balls

This game is actually an improvement over the original one, no longer does the aim suck massive cock. It is now on par with the, still shitty, consolized analog standards, meaning you generally hit your target 50% of the time (up from 20%). The graphics are hit and miss. In one level you have amazing high definition textures on the railing and cat walk, then you get the shitiest shit smear shit texture (AVGN) on some puss pocket that looks like from Wolfenstein. Other levels still are an afterthought with everything looking like ass.

The level design looks really good in some parts, like in the forest, and the environments look HUGE. But this is all misleading as there are an asston of invisible walls and conveniently placed boxes to reduce the map size. They try to make up for this by giving you a shit load of weapons with multiple modes, and I guess it's fun. What else... the water rendering is weird, the viscosity is too high so the water does some funky things resembling that water monster from James Cameron's The Abyss.

The AI in this game, as with all other consolized games, is a joke. They just run at you. They got this new camouflaged enemy which suprises you and takes you out with one hit, but the novelty wears off after about the second one. And the story is the same generic garbage: alien invasion, third act twist, cue hero music, rinse, repeat.


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