Left 4 Dead 2
Date: Friday, September 03 @ 12:02:06 EDT
Topic: FPS reviews

If my computer had a penis, It would of had a ten foot boner when I installed this because this game owns your mother in her furry cunt. Its more action and about as kick-ass as the first game, and here's why...

First off, I would like to state that the PC version is obviously the best version. I have the PC and Xbox 360 versions. However, the console version can suck my dog's big, hairy, sweaty testicles because the framerate is terrible at times, and the online play is a lag-fest and is chock-full-of faggot, 10 year old jewish niggers who suck penis at FPS games and just want to be "horny" like everybody else. But not on the computer version.

((Story)) - No story. But who really gives a fuck (besides jews and faggots)? I mean, It's a zombie game for fucking sakes, It's not supposed to be built off of story mode, unless its Resident Evil of course, but OK, back to L4D2 (PC).

((Graphics)) - This game is powered by the Source Engine from Left 4 Dead 1, so it looks good. But, the effects rape more anus because of better weapon and object models and a better film grain effect, and it looks just plain fucking awesome running on a PC (but not on the Xbox 360). Also, the game has better infected character effects, so for example, you can completely fucking obliterate a zombie's skull and arm. But, just as so, the character models have the same graphical quality as L4D1, which was kind of... you know... blan. Oh yeah the console version was also low-res and definitely worse.

((Sound)) - Amazingly fucking awesome from new and better weapon sounds, to wood splintering, to gut smashing, to the music, it all got a little better from the origional. The only thing I didn't like was Nick's scream- fuck. I think he forgot his condoms. Oh well.

((Controls)) - Just a duplication of the origional L4D1's, and nothing really new. Wait, why the fuck did I just type a control review?

((Gameplay)) - Get ready to see limbs flying and penis juice and cum splatter all over the walls, your screen, and in your house because the new level designs are better and brighter (literally). Although I have to say it has a more evil residue feeling, it still doesn't have that creepy "OMFG" feeling that L4D1 had. Also, the online play is somewhat better, but in the end, its the PC version that wins and the Xbox 360 version that fails; I stated earlier it is laggy and its filled of homosexuals, which you L4D2 LIVE players should know (and probably are). But, since only professionals play the PC, it is a lot better and a little less laggy, although lag fests on the two ports alike piss my anal turds out my mouth sometimes. Finally, this is another good game by Valva but it is really nothing different from L4D1 but with new people and weapons.

((Conclusion)) - Kicks your fat vagina in half. But not the concole edition.

((Rating)) - PC version 9/10; Xbox 360 version 5/10

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