Date: Monday, August 09 @ 11:25:40 EDT
Topic: Racing Game Reviews

Another vehicle combat game with shitty graphics and boring tracks, but with better multiplayer.

Ok well everyone compares this game to Split/Second. I'll tell you it's fun with more variety and tactics in gameplay but it's shit compared to SS in terms of production value.


Well the game lives up to it's title because the graphics are blurry as hell.
The game tries to aim for this neon glow art style which looks ok in the menus but fails in the game.
The effects are overused especially the bloom effect.
There are low-res textures used everywhere and the cars don't look very special either.
I understand that displaying up to 20 vehicles on track takes a lot of processing power but still, this is not an excuse for the awful track design.

Sound, music

Boring! The music is mostly drum & bass, which creates an annoying, chaotic mass of NOISE along with the shitty engine and powerup sounds.
Music: OFF


You take your licensed awfully understeering vehicles and pick up powerups placed around on tracks to shoot the crap out of other racers.
These powerups are really boring and standard: Mine, Shield, Shunt (homing missile), Shock, Nitro, Barge (shockwave), Repair. But at least you can play tactically and fire some of them forwards and backwards as well. Later on you'll be able to mod some of your powerups and add some extra gameplay mods to the races.
The single player campaign has only 3-4 types of races, but the multiplayer part can become quite addictive, as there is a level up system used.

Get prepared for the PC port issues: You cannot customize your keyboard mapping, you'll have to choose from 2 layouts. Brilliant, so you might want to use your trusty gamepad instead. Fuck these lazy developers and their console ports.

By the way, I hate when I can't see my X360 controller's mappings in the menus, even when it's connected you still see the keyboard icons displayed. (Note: This issue is also present in SS.)


Audiovisual crap that can be fun with friends. (If you have any)

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