Battlefield: Bad Company 2
Date: Wednesday, July 28 @ 12:27:29 EDT
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Bad Company 2 is an amalgamation of suck and fail developed by a team of homeless koreans from some country nobody gives a fuck about (probably china). Noobs will swear to you about it being a good game, but trust me when i tell you its not. here's why...

Development concept:

Battlefield series games belong on PC and have strictly been PC exclusives up until the arrival of Bad Company. Some jew came up with the idea to push a battlefield game over to consoles in order to expand profits. Naturally, Dice being the manly tower of balls made of steel that it is, at first rejected this proposition the same way a straight man would reject a homosexual coming onto him. Then one night Dice had a little too much to drink and let its guard down, and thus bad company was born. It was the man-birth that spawned from homosexual sex, a pooped out mixture of smegma and colon wall leftovers. Dice thinks consoles are a joke, which is why the development team for the bad company series is almost entirely different from their main battlefield series team. They basically hired a bunch of faggots who dont know shit about ANYTHING to work on bad company, and it really shows.

Combat mechanics:

Bad company 2 is just basically a dumbed down and shrunk version of BF2 made just for retards. Smaller and more linear maps coupled with a smaller player count = less action. The engine and netcode are of the poorest quality resulting in rusty, non-fluent movements everywhere, and ontop of this there is NEGATIVE MOUSE ACCELERATION applied to the game by default. Its like being kicked in the dick by a hooker right after she stole your wallet. But then you find her in a dark alley for some payback rape, only to discover she's really a man. Oh, and all the iron sights look like shit.

Bottom Line:

This is all a result of designing a game made for consoles. A game made by faggots for faggots. All this game did was take the battlefield series into the stone age. We need 128 player games with helicopters that inflict mass genocide and jets that troll you. We need less opinionated faggots on the internet who actually think Bad Company 2 is good. Please go back to playing TF2 or CSS or whatever lame shit you think is fun and stay the fuck away from battlefield.

For those of you who aren't gay, just wait for Battlefield 3.

The real rating for Battlefield Bad Company 2:

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