Hour of Victory (Xbox 360)
Date: Sunday, July 04 @ 00:55:19 EDT
Topic: [XBOX 360] Action Game Reviews

Well if video games were mountains and the better they were the higher they were, Hour of Victory would be the shittin' core of the Earth. It has bad everything; the ONLY fun part about it is that you can stand in the middle of the action and take NO DAMAGE on easy. Read to find out more about Graphics, Audio, Gameplay, Story, and Multiplayer.

Graphics-- Looks like someone took Call of Duty 2 and Shit Taco Bell all over it. For a 2007 game, it looks like something released on the origional Xbox before LIVE came out. The scenery will pop up out of nowhere, and glitches occur like hell. The weapon graphics and character models aren't too bad, but their faces look stupid as fuck and Everything is just some lame ass WWII shooter joke.

Audio-- The music is good but too bad it has to be played through shitty ass speakers so it sounds all gay. The gun sounds sound unrealistic and fucked up like some little toy Tommy Gun from Kmart or something. The voices are annoying and stereotypical and are repetitive, and are VERY annoying after a while of listening to them.

Gameplay-- Down right fucked up screwed with butt raped garbage might as well call it Hour of Vomit which is what I was doing after playing this for 1 hour after I played this piece of shit for only 10 minutes. AI- fuckin stupid and runs right in the battlefield shoots you and goes back to 'cover' and does it all over again without dealing much if any damage. Guns are super ranged in hip fire but suck while aiming (an odd reverse), and show unrealistically low recoil. Easy is WAY TOO EASY. YOU CAN STAND IN THE BATTLEFIELD AND RECEIVE LITTLE DAMAGE. You can blow a tank up with a fuckin grenade for gods sake, this gameplay is so fucked up.

Story-- You start in some random North African base and it gets raided by Nazis. A cutscene happens showing two trucks at unrealistic speeds of like 200 mph driving away. After that I didn't play it enough and I don't fuckin' care.

Multiplayer-- I didn't play it much because the campaign was so damn horrible. It is just like the campaign- glitchy, laggy, and the guns suck and nobody really plays it but a few remaining nerds.

Rating: 1.5/10

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