S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat
Date: Saturday, July 03 @ 00:58:49 EDT
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Considering my last review of that terrible pile of nignog: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky, I have beaten CoP once when it was first released and am playing it again, to my surprise it is a pretty good game.

I should make it clear that despite how discutingly bug ridden "Shadow of Chernobyl" was it is probably to date the single game I have beaten the most. So I was always looking forward to the sequels being released.

Don't get me wrong, Shadow of Chernobyl is not the greatest game, "Half-Life: 2" and "Oblivion" are far FAR superior games and probably the best to exist. But the story in my opinion was excellent and the atmosphere definitely tickled my fancy as a post appocalyptic enthusiast.

"Call of Pripyat" takes place after the events of "Shadow of Chernobyl" and "Clear Sky" and this time you are playing as Major Russian Guy (don't remember these faggot pollock names) and instead of being an experienced member of a mercenary or stalker faction, you are Ukranian Special Forces sent in to investigate the crashes of military helicopters. The story might as well be non existent but the plot that is really going to capture your interest is the sidequests, and this is one of the many better changes they made from the original games.

Gameplay: 8/10

The gun fighting in this game is the same as it was in the original two, at least the mechanics work the same. You are going to have to learn how to crouch, when to fire, how to control your firing, what guns to use, so on and so forth in order to survive in the zone. This to me is the best part about this game, I love having all of the guns have different statistics in that the way they work is different. Your SMG's are going to be medium to close range, your assault rifles are going to be medium to far, or you can upgrade them and treat them like a sniper rifle. Shotguns, well... you get the point.

Upgrading and buying new guns and armor is essential to your growth in the game, if you are skilled and patient enough you can go throughout most of the game with only your beginning weapons and armor. All of the guns have been leveled so even though there are higher teir weapons, having an AK/74u at the end of the game wont feel like using a dildo pump against the nazi war machine.

Unlike that faggoty mess Clear Sky upgrading your weapons and armor has been streamlined so you don't have to preform a double roundhouse nigstomp through a hoop in order to appropriately upgrade your shit. Upgrades and repairs are now moderately affordable because finding artifacts is easier and much more rewarding. You can also order special equipment in the first town at any point in the game, this is great because now instead of fucking around with a beaner gun and poverty shoes you can get an exoskeleton and a high powered assault rifle modified to use standard bullets early on in the game after a little artifact hunting.

I ALWAYS thought this game should be one big chernobyl map, and really the fact that it's not lowers the score a few points. The game is now only divided into 3 maps which are now free to explore, and with it's upgraded graphics engine it looks beautiful. The character models are shabby but the landscapes and proper lighting shine!

Going back to the gun mechanics (and I've had this complaint with Clear Sky) the realism goes WAY TO FUCKING FAR. Realism can be really great up to a point, people don't play games to remember the shitty quarks about reality, the whole purpose of realism in the games is to be able to defy it. HAVING YOUR GUN JAM IS NOT FUN! This is the dumbest faggot thing I've ever experienced in any game, when I'm taking cover behind barrels in the heat of battle with bullets wizzing over my head and adrenaline pumping through my veins like crack to a lazy nigger monkey, having your gun jam makes you want to feed the keyboard to the developers. Stupid shit like this is not fun, it's fucking excessive, stop doing it. Might as well make it so when you die, your computer fries itself; or when you get shot in the arm, you don't get to use it any more. Imagine "Call of Duty" with your gun jamming, not fun.

There are some rediculous enemies like the Fat Nigger, it's a troll/ dwarf that likes to take shit from your hands and throw shit at you. But there are easy ways to handle this, much like you would a nigger in real life; run up to it and stab it's face until you can't recognize it. Unfortunately you can only use a knife instead of stomp it's ass out.

Bugs, you'll be lucky if you run into one throughout this game. Strange right?

Story: 4/10

Nonexistent, you just find out what happens in to the downed helicopters and meet some people from the previous games.

The side quests make this game, they tie together, build characters and atmosphere, and help you along your journey.

The atmosphere is also amazing. There is a true sense of isolation, and many moments in the game where you discover places that you just don't want to go into.

Audio: 8/10

Some of the gun sound effects are a little weak, none of them have any umph to them. But the silenced gun sound effects are really appeasing to the ears.

The voice acting is okay, nothing special. Kind of shitty but I take it with a grain of salt especially after playing games like Two Worlds.

The music is dark and contributes to the sense of isolation, very powerful music that is reminiscent to Andrea Trakovsky's "Stalker"

Graphics: 9/10

This game runs better and looks better than the first two. I don't know what the fuck was wrong with the shit storm "Clear Sky" but it ran like a spic taking a siesta. For that, I'm bumping this up to a 9 instead of an 8.

This game defies that, it runs surprisingly well and looks pretty damn good. The game honeslty has lighting unmatched by any other game, besides maybe gta4. I don't necessarily base graphics on the quality of textures and whatnot, but rather on how they work together; they need to be cohesive, and make sense, kind of like the strokes to a painting. But they aren't crysis level or anything, but again great atmosphere.

Overall: 8/10
This isn't an instant classic like Half-Life 2 or Oblivion or Deus Ex, but this is a good game none the less. It's definitely worth looking at, but is something that only pc gamers can appreciate. It corrects the mistakes of the last 2 games and makse up for it. It hasn't met the potential it could have been but it's quite delightful.

The games are ordered like so

SoC: Good Story, wonkey gameplay; CS: A Pile of dog shit those faggot russians should be punished for; CoP: No Story, Great gameplay.

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