Mass Effect 2
Date: Wednesday, February 03 @ 01:47:38 EST
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Hell yeah, Bioware fucking releases another GEM and takes everything that was awesome about Mass Effect and makes it better. They also got rid of all the fucking reasons that made the first game irritating...most notably the Mako. THATS RIGHT. That awful shit-controlling vehicle is finally gone and we no longer have to deal with it! The graphics are better, the action more refined, the leveling up system more detailed, less shitty inventory management, and the game is twice as fucking long as the first game. Either way, this game gave me a big ass boner and I suggest everyone get's it right now. I'm Commander Shepard and this is my favorite store on the Citadel.

Graphics: DAMN, the graphics in this game knock the shit out of the other game. This game looks amazing in every aspect from the art design, the incredibly lighting, and pretty much everything else. One of the main things that you will notice that they fixed is the god awful-puke texture pop-in that was present on everything fucking UE3 game in existence. Bioware isn't even the creator of the engine and fixed the worst problem facing this piece of shit. One thing you will notice is that the art design is vastly better in this game with everything being more detailed from the ship, to the planets you land on. There are plenty of different environments offered by all the different planets you go to. The best fucking part is the incredible lighting in the game that builds the glowly atmosphere the game tries to portray. It helps set the mood for the whole fucking game and it is vastly improved in this game. Not to mention, the world is twice the size of the first game and looks incredible no matter where you are. Best fucking part is that every location is unique instead of battling in the same fucking corridor for the 50th time on a side quest. There are fewer weapons in the game but this time they all have a unique model to them instead of the game bullshit guns in different colors. The graphics are so vastly improved, especially the lightning and detail in each map that this game looks fucking ace.

Sound: The voice acting has gotten even better with a shit ton more dialog and more voice actors to provide it. Everyone from Shepard, to all the other characters you meet in the game have full dialog trees and each character has a unique voice. It's nice that a company can actually write dialog that is interesting and that makes you want to listen instead of the same bullshit we always hear. The musical score in the game is absolutely fantastic providing a shit-ton of atmosphere to every scene and builds up monumentally towards the end. The gunfire and all the weapons sounds are vastly improve with much better sound effects that actually have power to them. It's also nice to hear characters talk about things as you walk by them instead of every character being silent unless spoken to. In essence, the voice acting is quality in every respect and the sound fucking kicks ass.

Gameplay: Holy fuck, they took everything that was wrong with Mass Effect, and fixed it in this game. The first thing being that the combat isn't fucking easy bullshit anymore. In the first game it got to the point where I can fall asleep pulling the trigger and kill everyone on screen. This game is much harder requiring you to use your skills more proficiently. Enemies will actually more around and hide behind cover more, and take advantage of explosives near you. ALso, you no longer have unlimited ammo and have to pick up these bullshit cooling clips to cool your gun. It's basically like having ammo but it make's it so that you actually have to use a different gun once in awhile. Not to mention, the environments are better set up in combat for the use of different weapons. It makes the game vastly more interesting and much more complicated.

The level up system is completely revamped and instead of leveling up a billion times and getting a billion points, it's much more focused on enhancing main character skills and traits for the class. Each talent can have a maximum of 4 levels each taking more points than the last. When you max them out you get a specialization of the last one. There is a shit ton of different skills depending on which class you choose. Nothing like explosive incendiary ammo mixed with fortification to kick some fucking ass, setting people on fire. Also, the loot system no longer is a huge fucking mess and instead you get about 10-15 different weapons overall, and instead upgrade them over time. The upgrade system is vastly better than the shit system they used before because now you upgrade weapons for your whole squad, shield, armor, biotics and everything else using resources you collect from mining planets. This method is vastly more interesting and allows the leveling up to happen at a more moderate pace. Armor is the same style where there is a few different pieces for each part of the armor that you can get and then upgrade it over time. Don't get the rip off bullshit DLC because it sucks dick. There are vastly better weapons and armor in the game than what the DLC gives you. They should kill themselves for offering such bullshit.

Anyways, the combat is vastly improved due to the enemy AI being better, the levels more well design. Side missions now put you directly into the action instead of fucking around with the Mako for a half fucking hour driving around on some bullshit planet trying to find some salvage crap. Credits are also less abundant as you only get them during levels and when you finish missions. Everything is more focused and no longer fucking sucks.

Story: The game starts off with the Normandy getting fucking blown to shit. You fly out into space like a bitch but the group Cerebus brings your ass back. You are now out to find out why the fuck the collectors and giving you shit. Then you go their planet and fuck their day up. There is a lot more to the story and I would love to spoil it but it's too interesting. I'm in a good mood let's say. Either way, everyone reading this is a cunt. The story is much more detailed and the best part is that each character you meet now has much more depth to them. They each have their own missiosns to complete with them to provide much more background and story. Overall, the game is much better.

I'm Commander Shepard and this is my favorite store on the Citadel 9/10

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