Runaway 3: A Twist of Fate
Date: Thursday, January 21 @ 00:06:23 EST
Topic: Adventure Game Reviews

Ugh, they just had to make another one of these games and, of course I had to buy it just to tear it a new asshole. Twist of Fate...more like a twist of my fucking nutsack. So Pendulo Studios decides instead of just killing themselves and absolving the company, they will release this demon-abortion of a game onto the world and hopefully kill us all slowly. Seriously, Brian Basco is a fucking faggot and all the characters and art design are terrible. And the story is lame too...that's all you need to know, but if you want to keep reading go right ahead because I'm going to shit on this game.

Graphics: First of all, the art design in this game blows the fattest and blackest of all cocks. In essence, it sucks King Kongs huge monkey cock. All of the characters look incredibly awkward and weird except the two main characters. Why the fuck are there no normal looking people in this world. Then of course they are still using 2D Backgrounds with a model overtop so at least the environments have sufficient detail. However, there is only a fucking handful of them. You are basically in four places in this game. First, a graveyard, hospital, house, back at the hospital, then some shitty streets. Of course they couldn't create some epic art design like Grim Fandango that takes you through a huge journey across the world. Instead, you go to three basic fucking places and solve some awful puzzles. The backgrounds are crisp and everything and have a ton of detail but the awful art design just kills it like an unwanted baby (Shouldn't all babies be unwanted?, they are useless). So the graphics are bad.

Sound: Awful, they couldn't even get the same fucking voice actors for the main characters. So all the sudden everyone sounds different and weird. Like some magical fucking event happened where everyone got punched in the throat and it changed their vocal box. Amazing. Way to go. The new voice actors are lame anyways as Brian's voice acting sounds like he about to fall asleep at any time. A couple of times I woke up on my keyboard from what felt like a coma because it bored me to death. Not to mention, all the dialog is long, drawn out, and uninteresting. They just talk and talk and you can just skip through all of it and still figure out everything that is going on. The writing also takes a turn for the worse when they decided that it would be a great idea to make self-referencing jokes and self-awareness. Hell, they even make fun of that fact that all of their puzzles are just pixel hunting. Guess WHAT? It's not fucking's just awful video game design. Awful sound. The music still blows too, by the way.

Gameplay: The gameplay is the same bullshit that you have done before a million times. You just point and click and try to figure out the puzzles. Once again, I must mention that half this fucking game is searching for the right pixel to click on to find some retarded item that is hidden in some dark corner behind another big ass object that you can click on. Luckily there is a hotspot system to point out all of this bullshit. All of the puzzles are easy as fuck and incredibly lame. Also, none of them make any just put seemingly random bullshit together and magical things happen. The puzzles are lame, the gameplay is lame, and the characters are fucking lame.

Story: The story is a continution from the last game where Gina was kidnapped by some stupid military group looking for an alien artifact. This game has Brian being accused of murder, put into a mental aslyum, they escape, turns out some other bitch was trying to steal the alien artifact....they then trick this bitch and get it back. That's all the happens the entire game and it makes me want to strangle a cat because it's so awful.


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