Painkiller: Resurrection
Date: Friday, January 01 @ 21:20:42 EST
Topic: FPS reviews

Now everyone knows I'm a huge fan of the original painkiller as it was a fucking killfest with awesome artwork and weapons. However, they sold the name off to random developers and are constantly making diarrhea with this game. Now another fucking Painkiller game comes out and I'm two seconds from killing myself over what a piece of shit it is. Some game developers got together to make this game which basically should be a free mod for the game, that should have been released fucking 4 years ago. This is an absolute disgrace to the painkiller name, but then again, what hasn't been since the original game?

Graphics: Beam me back to 2004 when painkiller first came out! The game has excellent graphics...well this game actually looks fucking worse than the original's like a beta version of painkiller and it sucks huge donkey wang. The first major thing you will notice is that all the textures and weapons from the original game are there....there is abso-fucking-lutely nothing new in this game. They reused all the same assests from the original game from all the enemies, bosses, textures and weapons. Surprise, you get absolutely no new graphical content with this boxed turd. Instead, what you get are six huge ass fucking levels which just re-use all the assests from the previous games. The art design is absolutely shit as all the levels are completely fucking open and bland looking. There is barely any detail and half the time the design is so fucking arbitrary you will be wondering where the hell to go next. Basically, the graphics in this game are fucking old as shit, look like shit, and are stolen from the original game. Way to sell re-hased content, you fucking cunts.

Sound: There is SOME new voice acting in this game at least, with the main character narrating some bullshit at the beginning and ending of the games. The voice acting and dialog is terrible and incredibly cliche. You can tell the voice actor they hired wanted to have no part with this turd because it would leave a shit streak on his name. The rest of the sounds from the enemies, weapons and all the other shit are of course just jacked from the original game...this is seriously just a fucking mod for the original game that piece of shit JoWood is trying to sell. The new content is beyond awful and the re-used content is completely lame.

Gameplay: It's the same basic Painkiller gameplay except about 10 notches shittier. As mentioned previously, this game just consists of six big ass, poorly designed levels where you run around shooting the same enemies you killed a million times before. The combat is fucking boring because they somehow made the environments so fucking terrible and irritating that they are not fun to battle in. Seriously, the controls are actually different and no longer have the fluid, bouncy feel that the original game offered. Instead, it feels like the main character shit out a pile of lead into his pants, and has trouble running around. Plus killing the same ass enemies, we've seen a million times before gets old. This game is a fucking modification, DO NOT BUY.

Story: The story is some assassin puts a bomb on a car to kill some mobs, but it accidentally blows up a bus. But at the last minute you sacrifice his own life to stop it. WOW, talk about boring cliche bullshit...yeah some cold-blooded assassin all the sudden has a heart of fucking gold because the murder he was about to commit was going to have some collateral damage. Horse crap, the rest of the game is just about some angel giving you bullshit instructions to suck some dicks and other gay shit like that. There really is no story, and if there was, I probably missed it because it was so bad that it sent me into a coma.

This is a fucking piece of shit mod that should disappear 1/10

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