Dissidia: Final Fantasy
Date: Sunday, November 15 @ 11:22:09 EST
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Final Fantasy fighting game alert. Largely, it's like Square-Enix's answer to the Smash Bros. series in that it takes characters- twenty-two, to be exact- and puts them in the ring to do battle. It does a good number of things right and an equal amount wrong. Here's the rundown:

I'll start with the good.

The visuals of the game are great, and they're something you'd really come to expect out of a handheld with the graphicking power of a Nintendo 64, but UMD Disks able to hold twice as much as an old PSX CD. They are stunning, and the lack of distance fog is amazing. The character models- there are twenty-four total- are all extremely well detailed, and, if it weren't for the few times you saw them up close in cutscenes and pre-battle moments, you'd swear they were PS2 quality.

All of the voices and sounds, save for Zidane's voice, sound right at home, and only add to the amazement you receive when playing the game.

The gameplay is QUITE solid. It's full 3d movement on a one-on-one fight, you have a degree of customization for each character, which even let's you go so far as to level up individual fighters. You can equip armor, weapons, and accessories to receive bonuses to your attack and defense in battle.

Actually, this whole system makes Dissidia a fighting-RPG hybrid, but I put it under RPG since the game over emphasizes the point.

This, however, is where the game hits the bad.

The story of this game is laughably bad. Basically, two gods, Cosmos and Chaos have this endless war and they summon Final Fantasy heroes and villians to do the fighting (the lazy fucks.). So, our heroes have to go get their crystals, and then lynch mob at Chaos.

I'm really at the point where the story doesn't make any sense anymore. The ten heroes have their own storylines that end (usually) in a climactic clash with their villain. All the stories take place at about the same time, and then you choose the hero you want to use each time you start up the final story, since they're apparently all traveling together.

Well, makes sense at least.

Onward, next I'm going to absolutely bash the music. There's only a handful of good tracks to play in Dissidia, and I'm quite thankful the game has a track selector prior to fights. Many great tunes from the FF series were absolutely butchered. FF's 10, 11, and 12 where exempt from the remixing, so I'm incredibly grateful for that. However, some of my favorite tunes just became absolutely unlikeable here. Damn it to hell, this is why you leave Nobuo Uematsu in charge, you idiots!

Back in gameplay land, which is probably the only thing real gamers care about here, I'm going to tell you the stuff that really makes me dislike Dissidia as a whole. I can deal with the bad music, I've seen worse stories, but there's that aspect of Dissidia that just makes it largely unappealing.

Alright, my main gripe really comes from the whole level up/equipment/battlegen thing Dissidia sports. To really have a fair chance in hell in general with this game, be it the absolutely unfair AI or pro-players, you have to level up and get the super-duper equips. I know everyone's gonna tell me "EXDEATH TRICK, HURF DURF," but I just don't wanna deal with it.

If I have to go out of my way to stand a chance against unfair AI, then fuck all, I just don't wanna do it. I'm a college student, so I have little time to play games as it is. The fact is, the whole concept of grinding for levels and equips was executed poorly.

Square's NA/EU localization team, to be fair, tried to skew this with an "Arcade Mode" which basically takes away the whole levels and equips concept and just focuses on the fighting, but it only shows itself in this very mode. Nowhere else in the game do you get to play with this simpleton's mode- not even Free-Play, oddly enough.

To further note, I have NOT played multiplayer because I lack a PS3, which you apparently need in order to play online. So, instead of saying anything about that, I'll just leave it out of the review completely.

All in all? If you don't mind level-grinding and stuff for equipments AND you could use a different kind of fighting game, then by all means, at least rent. The demo, from what I gather, is VERY badly representative of what Square is trying to sell here, so the demo's NOT going to give you an idea of what to expect. Please be wary of that.

Thanks for your time.

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