Pro Evolution Soccer 2010
Date: Friday, October 30 @ 00:06:30 EDT
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PES 10 is a good game, although there aren't really that many improvements over the 2009 version.

PES 10 is a good game, although there aren't really that many improvements over the 2009 version.


More of the same as last year, although there are slight improvements . But in essence, the game looks and feels the same as last year.


Like each year, we have a completely new soundtrack for the game and like each year, it's good enough to listen to in the menu.

Now that I mentioned the menu, let me tell you that it was changed to produce what probably is the best looking menu of the game to date. I might say that it's good enough to keep it for a few years, but the producers will probably change it in PES 2011, hopefully only slightly.


Unfortunately, this is the area where I've seen the fewest improvements. But this may be because the game is good enough as it is. I've personally discovered the Become a Legend mode again and I'm sincerely having fun with it.

I noticed that the mode gets more fun when you up the difficulty. Striker is probably the best position to play because you get to score goals often. I started out without knowing on the "Amateur" difficulty mode, and scoring 7 goals in my first match wasn't much fun. Sadly, you can only change the difficulty between seasons, so I had to do a lot of clicking on the "Rest" button to progress quickly.

Then I changed the difficulty to "Regular" and it got a lot more fun, but I was still scoring too many goals and too easily, about 15 in all competitions in the first half of the season. At the moment, I changed the difficulty to "Professional" and it's a lot more challenging. Needless to say, I didn't score any goal in 4 games and my team (Ajax) is doing poorly (1 loss, 3 draws), but the extra challenge makes the game better.

One thing I was surprised to see was that Konami bought the licence for the new UEFA Europa League competition, and with the rights for the most important competitions in Europe (Champions League and EL), this game definitely has an advantage over FIFA.

For Romanians, we also have 3 teams in the game! CFR Cluj, Unirea Urziceni and Dinamo Bucuresti are all in the game. I couldn't spot Steaua though, which made an appearance in the 2009 version.


The eternal dispute, PES VS FIFA, which is better? Definitely PES, at least for the PC version. Console versions of FIFA may be better than the PC version, but I haven't played them.

As a rule, if you enjoyed PES 2009, you will enjoy PES 2010, maybe even slightly more.


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