Killzone 2
Date: Tuesday, September 15 @ 21:24:52 EDT
Topic: FPS reviews

Fucking awesome and EPIC!!!

The game is fucking EPIC with best audio track and voice acting! But not the mention its the very best in every aspect!

Graphics:- Go to, and just type Killzone 2 gameplay HD and you won't regret buying it for PS3. Solid just fucking awesome. This game can bring an Intel Core i7 and GTX295 to its knees it demolishes anything in graphics and animation division. The game has plenty of stuff going on screen and still it maintains a constant FPS. The same rock solid gfx is in Multiplayer too.

Sound:- The only game that support 5.1 DTS. voice acting is just superb.No fucking soldier talks polite to each other when death is on there hands. This game just fucking great when it comes to Music and voice acting."Back off Back the fk off"

Gameplay:- Let me get this easy. Movie stars act in a movie to make a Epic looking War Battle. But if u really want to enjoy a live battle field this is the game. When you run it make you give the feel that a man is actually running and u cannot turn 180 in 1 sec like in Mirror's Edge or COD or whatever thing.
Ok other than what your getting here is the most advanced A.I system ever seen. Yes its better than every fucking game released today. Once a Helgast takes cover he actually doesn't know where you are so he Peeps from his cover to see where you are and again shoot.Another intresting thing if u chuck a grenade they are so smart they run to best safe spot and turn and shoot u down.This is something truly amazed me.
Its not being realistic its feels too realistic.

Multiplayer:- 32 -16/16 Players online not like fucking Gaylo 3 with 16 -8/8 where pick and play Halo 3 motto "Mong heads can pawn". This game needs a serious practice like Counter Strike,COD 4 or Quake 1,2,3.Here again your going to be in real Warfield where u happen to fight real humans instead of bot controlled A.I.

Story:- Here's the sucky part you get to play as Sergeant Sev and kick Helgasts ass who are in another planet and have invaded Vekta(Humans planet) in Killzone 1. The base story like better than most of the games but cannot be compared to MGS series :-O.

Overall:- A must have game if u own a PS3 or if your an FPS fan. This is not a easy pick and play FPS and the game makes you give up if don't give up your in for some serious action. 9.9/10

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