Max Payne 2 GBA
Date: Sunday, August 30 @ 14:22:14 EDT
Topic: ROMs

The only payne I felt here was playing this shitty port of a fucking awesome game.Now before I delve into the review I'll admit that I downloaded this as a ROM to play on my psp.and good thing i did

GAMEPLAY: Ok it's a 3rd person shooter.It has guns cool.And there's an angry guy wearing a coat now usually this would've made a pretty decent game but the FUCK'S at Mobius(which sounds like a name for the "backdoor" boys (cwuttiddthere lmao))pretty much ghetto gagged an awesome game.All the elements that made the 1st one cool are there but the dickfucks pretty much did a jesus on it by Fucking up the controls and the View What the fuck!!honestly.Religious zealots have been crying about the upcoming apocalypse but this is flipping it the 4 horsefags of gaypocalypse have teamed up to produce 1 of the worst ports I'vever played. GRAPHICS: Sound:Is quite good for a gameboy advanced game nothing worh mentioning. STORY: I didn't play it for more than 10 minutes thanks to the crappy kontrolz loz0r,but i guess it's what we all know from the pc version Verdict:This game is worse than my review,thank teh internetz it was free.Makes me wonder why Dan & Sam Bought Mobius 10/10 for producing grade A Shit.

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