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Date: Sunday, August 09 @ 22:19:25 EDT
Topic: Action Game Reviews

Terrible software, just dont fucking play it.

IMVU is one of the WORST chat software/game humanity has ever conceived of, and the only popularity it ever deserves, is in a burning pit of fire.

There is no story, you just chat with some of the most random people in the world, but the people are so disrespectful, that they will puncture your brain. Its terrible community and lack of optimism makes it even worse.

That, combined with the fact that the graphics are an insult to humanity. I MEAN, WHY DO THE AVATARS LOOK LIKE TOADS? and an array of other glitches and bugs that the creators are too fucking lazy to fix.

But the terror only begins, as you enter the forums. Yes, you need to BUY your name simply to chat on the off-topic forum section, which is pointless as it is pathetic, as well as a HUGE lack of forum chat control, meaning that people have the ability to flame and spam your thread TO FUCKING HELL!

Another huge problem is the credit system, which fails in itself. Creators leave you no option but to buy your own credits after 1 weeks of usage. But buying is even worse as they rip you off with 20$ price cards that contain fake redeeming codes. over the last 30 days, more than 150 members worldwide were ripped off by this "offer". EVEN A BIRD CAN SEE HOW BAD THIS OFFER IS!!!

And people who DO actually have a VIP pass or a successfully redeemed code (yeah right), are either whores, bitches or some of the OLDEST pedophiles on the planet.

-999/5 another "creation" that opened Pandora's Box. Avoid it if you can!

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