Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence
Date: Sunday, July 26 @ 16:19:35 EDT
Topic: [PS2] Action Game Reviews

You don't get games like this often. :D

Sooo lets get started :D

Graphics: Well. This game's graphics ARE FUCKING GOOD. IT MAKES YOU WANT TO HAVE A HUGE ORGASM. Seriously, i haven't seen graphics like this for the PS2 since..... Uhh..... I have actually NEVER seen SO good graphics on a PS2 game before. I mean, just look at this! (Lol sorry im not too experienced in HTML)

Sound: The songs on the soundtrack are composed _SO_ fucking good that you would want to run around infront of enemies, just so you could hear that good alert music again. Also, Snake Eater is awesome. :P

Gameplay: Here comes the best part. Metal Gear's gameplay differs from other games based on wars. Normally it's some random guy going out to Pakistan to shoot down everyone on sight. Well, here you want to stay clear of enemies, and sneak past them. ROAR that is so cool. This is probably the best video game for the PS2 besides RE4 (which is the awesomest game EVAR!!!). Hideo Kojima's original MG1 and MG2 were awesome at their times, and MGS made the series perfect. Metal Gear has been one of the originators of the Stealth gaming genre.

This gets a 11/10 from me! :P:P:P:P:P
(Shitty smiley overload!:D:P:S:O)

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