S4 League
Date: Monday, July 06 @ 00:14:02 EDT
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Ever heard of this game? I guess I was in real bad luck when I got to know about this game's existence because now I wish I didn't.
Korean MMO-3rd Person Shootah + Leveling Up + Items.
I regret playing it. To the fullest.
Therefore I wish to give you, the reader, a personal advice: Do not play this game.

It's called "S4 League".
Does "League" mean that it is a very well worked out set of game elements and therefore suitable to be a sport? No, it does not.
S4 means "Stylish eSper Shooting Sports".
Playing videogames is not a sport. You are fat and so is your mother.
About that fancy word "eSper", I don't remember reading that word in the game itself one fucking time.
In general the game plays EXACTLY like GunZ but adds tons of unnecessary stolen elements and ideas from other games. Witness the failure.

Graphics & Setting:
The whole game setting looks like a bastardized inbred stillborn crossbreed between Mirror's Edge and Phantasy Star Universe.
All the models, being low-poly as shit, resemble the PERFECT example of absolute mediocrity and are proof of the lack of game designers in Korea.
There is NO case of proper shader usage and the only thing that doesn't give you the impression that you play an average fucking Playstation 1 game is the blood, but I don't even remember WHEN it was used anymore. The obligatory, yet mandatory little faggot mascot (I forgot it's name for this game) does not appear in the actual game one fucking time. It can only be seen in the "Half-Time" between game rounds dancing to the background music. At least that seems to be hilarious or original but it isn't.

Gameplay & Game Elements:
Almost all the firearms are all shamelessly stolen from Team Fortress 2
(Minigun that makes you pretty slow; Fully automatic Sentry Gun; Healing "Gun" that works EXACTLY like the Medigun in TF2, exception is the limited ammunition and a sniper rifle that *takes time to reach full damage*) and most of the melee weapon concepts are taken from GunZ (giant swords with huge annoying idle times after attacks and stunning special attacks with huge unreasonable explosions that make the game way more fun. And a baseball bat, Team Fortress 2, anyone now?)
Names like "Plasma Sword" and "Hand Gun" should give you an idea of how awesome and original the weapons really are.
The bullet spread system works like this:
Bullet will go into 1 of 4 directions that are always the same fucking angles relative to the aimed direction no fucking matter what.
There is a total of TWO GAME MODES with
providing hours and hours of very interesting gameplay. That one map will make sure that you will play this game for years. You probably know that from Counter-Strike and de_dust2, right?
Maybe there is more but I played this game for 10 hours leveling up to Level 7 and didn't see more. I don't give a shit either to be honest.

Sound & Music:
Get ready for ear rape.
The music is everything which is not pleasant to be listened to combined.
What you get is the following:
Someone rapping and yelling the average hiphop background shouts with annoying techno beats and gay pop punk electric guitar powerchords in the background. Crafted very carefully with a lot of professional attention to create that sticky and foul corporate flavor that you have learned to love thanks to Radio and Television. Nevertheless, worst music to be listened to whilst playing. Fucking period.
Small details such as the game announcer talking smack can be easily overseen in this cesspool of wrong game designing attempts and their realization.
All the weapon sounds are totally unexciting boring shit with no potential to create the slightest bit of excitement whatsoever. You will probably not even notice that there are weapon sounds over the HORRIBLE background music after all.

Presentation & Finish & Marketing:
It is not worth mentioning that you can buy ingame equipment with real money, because that's obvious, right? But this time it gets even worse.
You can NOT buy items for an unlimited time with your real money in this game! What the hell? This means that all your wasted IRL cash will not even provide you any advantages at all. Holy moley.
Compared to GunZ this game lags a bit less but it still lags fucking hard. There are also plenty of bugs so lag plays a minor role destroying the game.
I have never seen any advertisements for this game anywhere nor have I seen anyone mentioning this game. I hope this article won't boost it's popularity too much and if it does I'm terribly sorry for that.
S4 League sucks so godfuckingdamn much that the fact that this game is free loses all relevance.

Online Community:
All S4 League players are overprivilegued 12 year old boys ranting about everything that happens in the game and 20 year old consumer whores who just waste their excessive money and lots of time of their meaningless lives without the goal of actually having fun.

The Koreans strike again! Taking everything that sucks, making it even worse and putting it together. Everything about this game sucks. The makers of the game should be burned alive in public. Do not download this game. Do not play this game.

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