Overlord II
Date: Monday, June 29 @ 23:35:13 EDT
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FUCK YEAH, The sequel to this game comes out. I liked the first one because it was a fresh idea, using minions to attack, puzzle solving, and building up your evil empire. While this game provides all the same shit, IT FUCKS ME OVER BY BEING A PIECE OF SHIT. They needed to fix the errors in the last game, improve the AI, keep the same humor, and improve the puzzle solving. Instead they fucking did NOTHING but basically provide a new set of levels for you to go through which are fucking boring. Here we go, Overload II.

Graphics: The graphics in this game are fairly nice with slight improvements from the first game. Of course the major fucking problem is consoles suck fat fucking dick. They are old as shit and holding back graphics. I mean the 360 came out in 2005, and how much have graphics really improved since then? FUCKING BARELY. So this game looks ever so slightly better than the first one with a few more effects and a couple of more surfaces that are bump mapped, but other than nothing fucking special. The models for the minions for the most part are exactly the same which is fucking lazy developing. Was it really that hard to make new models? No, but you are fucking cheap asses and just want to milk a game for all the money it's worth. Ok, so basically the art design in this game is still really fucking good with the cartoony style of all the towns which really fits the humor of the game. For the most part it's mediocre graphics with a good art design. I wish there was fucking blood though so the minions would hack someone apart as I would jack off to it because I am a sick fuck.

Sound: The voice acting is the pretty much the same as the first one with the same voice actors. The voice acting is fairly good and it's nice dialog as well. The game has a huge amount of dark humor to it which is nice because it really adds to the atmosphere of the game. Too fucking bad though that they rehashed a TON of sounds from the first game. The minions sounds exactly the fucking same which is LAME, create some new dialog you fucks. Just like the graphics they rehashed shit they already used. At least the dialog is humorous though which helps the game a lot. The rest of the sounds are pretty much the standard fare you would expect in a game like this.

Gameplay: Remember all the fun gameplay and puzzle solving that was required in the first game? WELL SOMEONE SHIT IN MY MOUTH AND UPPERCUT MY BALLS THEY GOT RID OF THAT. All the levels now in this game are linear as fuck and require almost no exploration. You basically just follow the path they set for you and BAM, you win the game. Of course, there is still the same strategies of using different minions and ways to attack to defeat groups of enemies. However, you never need to figure out any of the fucking puzzles because they tell you what to do! That's right, if you have the intelligence of a guinea pig, WORRY NOT, for the game will tell you exactly what to do without ever having to give a shit about what's going on. It's still a little fun to go around and fight but any of the exploration and puzzle solving elements are gone. Also, instead of fixing the fucking bugs with the AI in the minions, they just add some new features and call it a day. So your minions can now mount wolves and attack with those, but who gives a fuck. The minions still get stuck on parts of the level, dissapear at random times which leaves you going what the fuck happened to them? Too lazy to fix the AI. The only cool new feature is the ability to resurrect old, more powerful minions. Other than that, it's the same fucking game with shittier levels and the same fucking errors. Hell the game must have read my brain because it crashed right as soon as I got bored playing it.

Story: So some stupid ass empire comes around and wants to get rid of magic users. You are a child magic user and fight them off and then grow up to become an overload. I don't know what the fuck happened to the old minion, that was probably too complicated for these retards to create NEW STUFF. So then you go around fighting some evil empire which doesn't make sense because you are evil fighting evil. It would be more interesting if the king was a good guy and you slit his fucking throat. Anyways the story is pretty damn average.

Instead of fixing stuff and improving the game, they stuck a dick in my ass and gave me this 5/10

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