S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky
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Yeah, no fucking wonder these faggot russians lost the cold fucking war, and sacrificed more men than the number of jews killed in world war 2 and 1. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. :Clear Sky is the justification and epitome of Russian faggotry.

First let me start off by saying Ukraine, Russia, who gives a fucking shit they are both dirty vodka ridden eastern european faggots.

Lets discuss the title "S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky" It's a cool sounding title for a game that sounds creepy as it should. But there is no fucking reason to even try to make the acronym S.T.A.K.E.R. have any real definition, there are no possible combination of words that wouldn't be redundant while spelling out the word stalker. But since they are fucking russians they did it anyway. It's supposed to be like Stealing, Talking, Asshole, Kyke, Eating, Russian or something. (Look it up on Wiki)
Doesn't necessarily detract from the game since the game itself succeeds at detracting from itself.

The graphics in the game are good at best. This game engine for some fucking nigger reason has a tendency to look really nice and polished at very specific points in the game. For example, when you are looking at some buildings with a bush at dawn with sun rays and volumetric lighting doing it's work, this game looks really good, but when you look at the gun textures, player models, doodads, peoples faces, talking animations, ragdolls, this game goes beyond failing. It literally looks like Unreal Tournament 2004 with bump mapping. They spent eight years making the engine, and two years revamping it and these are the graphics that where produced?? Much like the cold war, when comparing faggot Russian games to American games, America like everything else they do wins while laughing at Russia's face.

Since this is a PC game performance is a very important aspect of rating a game. It's okay for a game to run poorly if the reasons are legitimate. Lets say you have a rig with a 7800gtx, 1gb of ram, and an old AMD 4400 Processor and you try to run Crysis, it will run but no way near highest settings. Yeah that fucking blows and you are going to have to upgrade you nigger lazy machine up to retard strength power but it makes sense because Crysis' graphics will make your eyes bleed almost as much as seeing Hitler's white skin. But this Russian monstrosity has no fucking reason whatsoever to run like fat Albert Lamont Jefferson Washington. Yet even high end machines get fucking confused when this disgrace to existence is running. Like a faggot Russian seeing pussy it has no idea what to do so it bogs down to 3 frames per second. Apperantly retard strength can't even compare to the power of Russian faggotry.

Shitty, delayed audio, not synchronized with any animation in the game, guns sound worse and unrealistic than they did in the first game. Music is okay.

The only good audio are some of the ambient sounds that add to the atmosphere. Nothing great

HOLY SHIT IS THIS WHERE THE GAME FUCKS UP!!! A normal human would think that gameplay is the most important aspect of, well... a GAME! But think again, Russians aren't normal humans so what you have is an abomination to life. This pile of shit is seven fucking patches in and STILL has amazingly shitty bugs. The most important thing about releasing a game is making sure that you can fucking complete it, yet whilst releasing it there were numerous complaints about how there was a gameplay bug that prevented you from continuing the story...

HOW THE FUCK DO YOU MISS THAT!!?? Did this game even have test players? course not. Boy that's a good idea, release a game that you can't even complete. After all of the complaints from Shadow of Chernobyl they should have learned from their mistakes, yet this game testifies for Russian incompetence.

One of the first shitty faggot bugs in the game is when you leave the first swamp area (oh yeah, there are still areas instead of one seamless map, gg) and unless you have played this game all the way through once you have no idea that there is a fucking military squadron waiting for you behind some bushes. And guess what, you have a shitty dildo pea shooter while there is a sniping m60 and 30 soldiers with ak's that can shoot through trees, YES the fucking m60 can shoot through trees... AND I AM 7 FUCKING PATCHES IN THE GAME! After dying 10 or 20 times and having my blood pressure significantly increase I went back and instead of an easy fix of having the m60 NOT shoot through the trees you are supposed to go all the way around the fucking swamp to enter the next map.

10 million russians died in World War 2 and they shot their own men.... Now it's starting to make sense.

Quests are fucking redundant, all you do is look for items or kill some nigs, yet even after this monotonous mess it still finds ways to bug out. You are supposed to hold points until help arrives, might as well count on a mexican not running the border because it aint gonna fucking happen. Quests will keep coming back and the reward will get smaller. It's all just a shit stain called Russia.

Headshots don't really work the first time, you have to shoot someone in the head twice to have it work, if your bullet doesn't go to the far left of the fucking screen. And for some reason shooting the shit out of people has a small effect on them but when a small dog barks at the enemy they go 'lol, I died.' Enemies will either take cover and nade spam you or stand there while you shoot at them. The ai is fucking atrocious.

The realism aspect in this game is fucking OVERBOARD! Games aren't real life, if I want to fucking put a bandage over a wound that wont heal after 3 or 4 bandages then I will fucking take a chainsaw to my arm. They thought it would be a good idea to have your gun jam, bleeding wounds not heal, get hungry, et cetera, et fucking cetera. This is NOT fun, it's a fucking hassle. Why not make it so that you trip over a rock every once in a while, when you get shot in the face you either die and have to buy a new copy of the game or have half of the screen go black, or make it so you have to use a wheelchair after a grenade lands by your feet. Having your gun jam is something they even brag about on the fucking box! FAIL!!! The worst part is that when you gun is a tiny fraction of health low it loves to not work. I've had to fucking reload the gun three times in a row while dogs where biting my ass. Yet, for the enemy guns not only don't jam, they have perfect fucking specs. So you will sit in the darkness with a sniper rifle while they have a fucking shotgun taking headshots and you're left holding your dick in the middle of public. FUCK THIS FAGGOTY MESS.

Lastly, they thought it would be fun to have random emissions in the game. Let me explain, every five minutes you have to stop, look for cover and wait 30 seconds while ALL events and characters disappear sitting on your thumb. Only, 30 seconds in faggot Russian time is 6 fucking minutes. I sat and looked at my watch while counting how long a second went by. It takes 15 seconds for a fucking second of the game to go by. WHAT WHERE THEY THINKING!?!? It especially doesn't help by having a key plot point being your character will die if any more emissions occur.

Horrid. At least Shadow of Chernobyl had an interesting story.

You are a mercenary in Chernobyl caught in an emission (nuclear explosion nigger earthquake), some faggot old guy brings you to a 'hidden base' a ten second walk sound of the swamps. And wants you to go to a chernobyl power plant and kill Strelock, the main character of the first game. You do some boring ass faggot missions taking place in the first games recycled maps and you are brainwashed by the monolith at the end with Strelock. Worth it.

Total Rating:1/10
The only reason you should get this game is if you pirate it and help bring GSC out of business.

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