The Sims 3
Date: Wednesday, June 17 @ 23:22:58 EDT
Topic: Adventure Game Reviews

The Sims are back so they can puke on us again

Yet another Sims game... who would have thought? After the first one which was semi-fun only because it was something new, we've had a myriad of "5 chair" moneygrabbing expansions, Sims 2, and now Sims 3...

This game is yet another excuse for a moneygrabber and also an excuse for the +15 expansions that will come after it...

Yes, this game sucks. It's the same as Sims 2 only that now you have a whole neighbourhood, and not just your house. The graphics are an improved version of Sims 2, and they suck... and as for the sound the Sims talk in the chimpanzee language... and sometimes in the ape one, I think.

You can only have fun in this game if you're a girl. Seriously, what is the purpose of this game? Get a big house, a good job, earn lots of money... don't we have that crap in real life too? Do people love this stuff so much that they have to do it in a video game too? It's all pointless...

I actually tried having fun in this game but it is impossible. I made my own Hitler, but the only thing I could do was being "rude" to people, and then they would tell me "Sorry, Adolf, you've been misbehaving. It's time to leave".

It's a shame that you can't murder people in this game, or at least take hostages... you can enrol in a criminal career but in my playtime (1 or 1,5 hours) I didn't have enough time to discover it. I just married a rich bitch so I could get her money... but when I did it I only got about an extra 20.000$... that's stupid... because her house valued over 200.000$. And also I couldn't divorce after I married her...

So yes, this game sucks ass... I just recommend it to girls who do not like games that regular gamers play.


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