The Godfather 2
Date: Sunday, May 31 @ 19:04:16 EDT
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Holy fuck...I don't know if anyone remembers the first Godfather game...Oh that's one does because its an unmemorable turd. Well someone somewhere thought it would be an excellent to make a sequel to a turd, so now we have diarrhea. Seriously, this game is even worse the first has the same features and offers nothing new in the process...The movies suck ass too and now we have a shitty game for the movies.

Graphics: So the graphics in this game range from crap to shit. Seriously, this game has the graphics of a PS2 game and the art design of a retarded child. First major problem I have to complain about is the fucking cut scenes. I am sick of developers using the in-game engine to render a video that is all fucking blurry and low resolution. First, it looks fucking worse than the game itself when it's running and second if you are going to pre render a video, why the FUCK would you not put on a ton of anti-aliasing? It is pretty much the dumbest fucking decision on the planet. Anyways, the environment of this game which basically consist of a Miami looking city. It is completely bland and devoid of any life. There is just a bunch of buildings and streets which all look exactly the same. There is barely any variation in the city, it's a big bland fucking cunt. You can go inside of some buildings and they devoid of any sort of detail to them. Instead of you have a series of random boxes which count as indoors. Seriously, the design is fucking crap. It is the 70s era so no matter how cool you try to make your character look he looks like a fucking homosexual with the gayest hair possible. I never thought some developers would make it hard for your character to look cool. The texutres and models are all pretty fucking poor but what do you expect from the console era of consoles from 2005. Graphics are fucking stuck in 2005 and it's horrible. Anyways this game looks like absolute shit across the board.

Sound: I'm going to put a corkscrew into my brain and grind out the part that allows me to hear. The dialog is worse than living in Canada. Everyone talks and says shit but you will just phase wondering what it would be like to inject anti-freeze into your veins. Everyone has your typical gweedo fucking Italian mobster voices...I mean let's fucking not try to try anything new...let's just have everyone sound exactly the same as a stereotype. The music sucks cock because it's mostly the score from the movie plus some other grabage thrown in. Weapons and vehicles sound like an old man shoving a glass bottle up his ass. DAMN it's so fucking bad I am running out of ways to describe how bad it is.

Gameplay: Ugh IT'S THE SAME FUCKING GAME. So basically you start off and you can get a posse of faggots to follow you around wherever you go with different skills. Some can blow up walls, while other's can heal people. They pretty much all fucking suck except for the guy who heals people. You rarely need to blow up a wall because honestly, there are like 5 walls in the game you can blow up. You can upgrade your posse faggot's as well with stupid skill points. So basically you run around and take control of buildings in a big city, and then try to fend off other mafia bosses from taking it over. Too bad that not only is this nearly the same shit as the first game, it's fucking bad. The AI is about as good as stabbing my eye with a brick. They seriously run around just completely retarded. It is really fucking hard to get all of them to get into your fucking car without running them over. Whoever designed this AI must have designed it after a retarded fetus. Controlling and defending your business is easy as shit as you just buy some shitty guards to stand around there and then go conquer other shit. It almost feels completely pointless to do anything in this game. The weapon combat is clunky as my nuts, it really feels horrible. Guys take too many shots to die and the controls are just highly shitty and inaccurate feeling. Also, of fucking course, there is a fucking cover system just like in every other game in existence. Driving feels terrible as well as all the cars control exactly the same. This game is basically GTA4 without anything good in it at all. It has poor controls, poor AI, poor gameplay ideas and just sucks ass.

Story: The story is you are some underboss for some gweedo italian faggot. You have to go around and take control of the city...then you have to fucking kill yourself for ever playing or purchasing this game. It is probably one of the worst games ever.


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