Plants vs Zombies
Date: Thursday, May 21 @ 22:03:22 EDT
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Although this game is similar in name to Stalin vs Martians, I promise you that this game isnít even close to that wreck of a pseudo-game in terms of actual gameplay. Not that itís worse than Stalin vs Martians, nothing can we worse than that game, what I mean is that itís better, way better. Read on for the full review of the game.

Plants vs Zombies is a game that is very similar to World of Goo, not that you have to build immense constructions out of goo balls again, but it has pretty 2D graphics, a unique and simple concept, and it's fit to play for people of all ages.

Graphics: As I said the game has 2D graphics. I have seen on some video review sites that the artwork of this game has been labelled as "superb" by the reviewers. I don't think it's superb, but this game certainly has very pretty graphics.

Sound: The sound is good and the music is nice.

Gameplay: This is the best part of the game. Let me introduce you to the concept, it is very simple just like in World of Goo and just like in that game, it is brought to perfection.

Simply put, there are some zombies out there that keep attacking your house and you must defend yourself against them. What do they want? You know, what all zombies want: brains. So the defending of your house becomes the actual gameplay. You must plant plants on your lawn and this is how you fight the zombies. There are a lot of plants in the game and you will gain a new one after every level. Here are a few of them: the pea shooter that shoots peas at the zombies, the wall-nut that acts as a wall and blocks the zombies from approaching and the sunflower which generates sun, the only resource of the game that is required to plant new plants.

Story: You probably figured out the story from the gameplay section. The zombies attack you, and this is the story of every level. There is actually a character in the game named Crazy Dave. He is pretty cool, even though heís crazy. He gives you hints and stuff and also runs the shop where you can buy upgrades.

In this game you will probably play a lot of levels in the beginning and less until the end of the game. This is because the game gets repetitive after a while. I myself have not finished it yet and because of the repetition I think that this game isnít as good as World of Goo which is a 9/10 in my opinion.

But still this game is good enough.

So in conclusion, Plants vs Zombies is a unique and addictive game that Iím sure most of you will like. Itís innovative and offers decent fun. I am sure some of you could even love this game.


P.S: The producer of the game, PopCap is the same that made small games like Bejeweled and Zuma so this could explain why the game gets repetitive.

P.P.S: Another great advantage of Plants vs Zombies is that it costs only 10$.

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