3DRealms Shutting Down!
Date: Thursday, May 07 @ 00:20:38 EDT
Topic: Site News/General Bullshit

Yeah it's fucking true and god dammit I'm pissed. You guys can read all about this retarded crap at Shacknews: 3d Realms Closing

Seriously though, how fucking retarded...they spend 13 fucking years making a god damn game that I have been waiting for since 1997 and they go out of business. This is the biggest fuck up since Diakatana...spending over a decade developing a game without any sort of frame for release or completion time. RETARDED. WELL NO SHIT, you have to release video games to make money and selling the title to small companies to make shitty cellphone and DS games isn't going to bring in the proper income to fund a huge title. The only question that remains is what status is Duke Nukem Forever in and will it be released?

And here: http://duke.a-13.net/

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