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So Gas Powered Games was actually a video game developer that I liked. I throughly enjoy the Dungeon Siege games, they were fun action RPGs with just enough depth an entertainment. Then they released Space Siege, an absolute fucking turd. I was thinking Dungeon Siege in Space. Instead I got a game where you could only level up in one direction, no character choice and no skills choice. I thought it was just a fluke and that they fucked up, but then they released this game. It is filled with SO MUCH...just so much potential but its a let down and that fucking kills it. The game is just brimming with quality art work, POTENTIALLY good gameplay and then it squats and takes a huge fucking shit down my throat. Here is the RPG/RTS combo...Demigod!

Graphics: They fucking nailed it with the art style in this game absolutely perfectly. The levels are basically a set gameboard with paths to walk around, really nothing complicated at all, but we will get to that gameplay shit later. The art style of the level design is fucking good with the map being the serpent that a giant marble statue is holding, or large smoke filled airy boards. It just gives the game a completely mythological feel and it really gives it atmosphere. Then the design of the demigod's is the most important and its fucking spot on. They have the huge mother fucker, The Rook, (who is the best character), and a bunch of other lightside and darkside characters which each have their own unique look them. The art style on them is fucking great especially the Rook who is a big mother fucking ready to smash the shit out of anyone. Everything else in the game (statues, and other placeables in the map) all look pretty decent enough to suit the games purpose. The characters and maps art style is the thing that really sticks out though as its fucking class. The textures are everything are pretty decent looking even when you zoom all the way in they don't look like blurry puke. The graphics are definitely pretty nice in the game. Unfortunately once again thats the best part of the game

Sound: For some reason this fucking game has the unreal tournamnet annoucements in it like MULTI KILL and GODLIKE. It only happens when you kill other demigod and I am not fucking sure why it happens at all. So you hear this stupid ass announcer shouting things as you kill more and more demigods but its kind of fucking stupid. The rest of the sounds are pretty decent from smashing structures to other shit like that, nothing too much stands out. The screams of the demigods should be more violent sounding to give the game more atmosphere. Unfortunately that is about it for the sound as there is absolute no voice acting in this game, which is due to the lack of a singleplayer campaign. The sound is definitely decent, the music fits the game and adds a bit of atmosphere but then the announcer fucking speaks and ruins it all.

Gameplay: This game has so much fucking potential but its a huger let down than me in bed (They call me the 30 second champion). Ha just kidding, I fuck women so long that they pass out of from blood loss. There is seriously potential for a good game here but it never reaches it. Ok so the game basically works in that there is no fucking single player story or anything. You can play against the shitty ass AI which is boring as fuck and has no point. This is a huge fucking let down right here, however, the main thing I guess is multiplayer. So you connect to servers and basically choose a team and then choose a demigod that you wish to be. I always choose the rook because he is a bad ass mother fucker and huge. Then you get to jump into the gameboard which basically has two identicle bases on each side. You then attack the other team to gain experience points and level and get gold. As you level up you get skill points and this is the first major fuck up. You always get enough skill points to where you will fill up nearly the whole thing of the level up table in 20 minutes. Then you will do the same fucking thing every time because there is no point in going any other way. You can use the gold to buy weapons and potions to make your demigod stronger. Next major fucking problem is its so easy to get gold you will always have the best stuff after 12 minutes. You will always buy the same shit, everytime because there is no point in getting the crappier shit. Then you either have to capture all the points, collect resources, or destroy the enemy base on the same fucking 8 maps. Seriously, there is barely any fucking maps in this game that its pathetic. You just run around, controlling only your demigod and clicking on shit to auto attack. There is barely even a game here. All the levels are small as shit and the matches barely ever last more than 30 minutes. The worst part is because the game is so shallow you do the same fucking thing in every match. There is such a lack of depth it hurts. There is nothing to mix up or change. Just every map you will most likely choose the same demigod, same items, and attack in the same way because the maps are too small to do anything else. They needed to make the skill tree three times bigger than it is so even if you have the same two demigods, they will be vastly different based upon chosen skills. Also, there needs to be unique armors and unlockables for each fucking demigod. Third, the maps need to have a lot more to them. They are so lame, they are all designed the same. One end light side, one end dark side, and then you just try to destroy their shit. This also leads to the unbalance of the game, where is, as the rook, I'm so fucking powerful that I just get stuff that increase my attack speed to ridiculously fast and I kill the shit out of everyone. Its so unbalanced that anyone can just do that and win the game due to the health steal. The maps again are so fucking small and you do the same thing on every map. It would have been cool if they made more variety, bigger and different styled maps, more gameplay methods and demigod variation in the level system and items. Instead Gas Powered Games released another stinking fucking turd with absolute no depth or choice to the game. Literally, playing the game for 20 minutes and you have SEEN the whole game. What the fuck happened to this developer?

Story: The story is basically that this game is filled with so many bugs that if and when you can actually connect (most of the time with someone on another continent for some stupid fucking reason), you will later get disconnected for absolutey no reason. Fix the fucking bugs.

This game had so much potential and was a huge letdown. Gas Powered Games need to pick up their fucking game 6/10

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