Deus Ex: The Nameless Mod
Date: Monday, April 13 @ 23:54:13 EDT
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Normally I wouldn't review a mod for a game except for two exceptions in this case. This mod is longer than most fucking shitty games that come out today, and by longer I mean over double in length. Second, Deus Ex is one of the best games ever made and if you disagree you are pretty much a cunt. So here is the ultimate modification for Deus Ex! The Nameless Mod, it is based off of Deus Ex and uses all the same mechanics but its pretty much a total conversion and is pretty damn good to play. You can get the mod HERE! Man, they should be fucking paying me for this free advertising that I am doing.

Graphics: Deus Ex is from 2000 so of course the graphics fucking suck now, but that isn't the point. This game focuses more on gameplay and story rather than graphics which is the whole fucking point that games today should follow but only 98% of them don't. So this game has the same basic graphics as Deus Ex, huge fucking levels, models that look like they are from 2000 and all that. They introduce a shit ton of new assests into the game to fill the environments up with all sorts of items which is great. They also introduce some new weapons too, but the models for them such as the napalm launcher, are pretty much absolute shit. The exception lies with the pistol. They must have gotten the pistol from the HDTP people because it looks fucking good, especially when you have the silencer on the scope on it. The only other new weapon that is decent are the dual pistols which don't look too bad. Make sure to get the OpenGL renderer for this game otherwise it looks all shitty and fucked up. Anyways, the graphics are pretty much equivalent to what you would find in Deus Ex so they look fucking bad now. It doesn't matter though, because the new assests and textures bring variety and extra shit to the environments. Such as movie posters, movies and dvd's of popular games laying. Also Of course quality subtle hints and blantant ads towards William Gibson (Neuromancer fucking rocks). The levels are all mostly huge, consisting of three giant hub maps each filled with a shit ton of various bases, underground facilities and a ton of places you can sneak through. They are varied enough but still keep the Deus Ex feel which is good. The level design is pretty damn good and the environments are well designed except for the shitty space station at the end.

Sound: This is a fucking mod and it has better voice acting than most of the games around now days, the dialog is better, and even though its a mod the recording for the voice acting is full and sounds pretty damn good. There are a handful of people that sound like absolute shit in the game, I can't remember because they were no-name characters but the main character and most of the allies have pretty damn good voice acting. The writing is also better than most of the shit now because its fucking humorous, taking jabs at the style of Deus Ex (Also, Nice Shodan references). The writing in the dialog department is a fucking nice change for all the crap I've been hearing. It is not as interesting as the Deus Ex dialog, but it has its moments and thats fucking incredible for a mod. The rest of the sounds are the standard Deus Ex fare except the music stands out. They really nailed the fucking style of the Deus Ex songs and deserve free prostitutes for that.

Gameplay: I shouldn't need to say too much here since the gameplay is very similar to Deus Ex. Sneaking, killing, leveling up your augmentations, leveling up your skills and all that is still in the game and the skill points are awarded at a DAMN good pace to keep the game challenging and balanced all the way to the end. So you will be sneaking around shooting mother fuckers in the back of the skull with a pistol and then hiding their bodies, picking locks and all that shit. They introduce a new skill tree for hand to hand combat, and gloves for them to boot which adds in a new element. I didn't try it because guns are way fucking cooler than using your hands. There is also a slew of new weapons, but most of them suck fat cock. Anyways the gameplay is still damn fun as they capture the essence of Deus Ex. You will sneak around bases, cities, everywhere taking down guards and trying to get into to certain places. They really got the level design down for the style of gameplay we like. The three large hub cities also have a nice amount of side quests for you to gain money/items, plus a place to buy weapons. There are shit ton of decisions you can make in this game which effect the outcome and give it replay value! HOLY SHIT! STOP THE PRESSES! Alternate paths, making choices? My god, hide game developers they can't see this and ressurect good ideas they forgot about. This fucking mod took me 16 hours to beat which is a damn good for a mod, not to mention that was only one side of the story, there is still the opposite side. The mod was damn fun except for the last space station level which sucked black cock. They really dropped the ball with that as it had a sevre lack of ammo for certain guns, and wasn't exciting or necessary to sneak around. The aliens were just fucking irritating. Also, there is a lack of 30.06 ammo until near the end of the game which is lame as well since the sniper rifle rocks. However, the levels all have multiple paths, secret locations, side quests, characters, ways to use your skills which is fucking fantastic. The gameplay is pretty damn good especially for a mod.

Story: The story is you are in ForumPlanet which is basically a forum in the world, and some moderator (who are invincible btw) gets his shit kidnapped and you are brought in to find him. Throughout the game you can side with PlanetDeusEx or WorldCorp going through the history of their forums (sort of, but its all tongue-in-cheek and pretty fucking funny) learning what happened and trying to find this moderator. I would have sided with the large corporation but then I realized, I hate gamespy. And in the end I got to destroy GameSpy. What a fucking shitty company that is. Anyways, the story is pretty decent, nothing too special, but it was definitely enjoyable for the mod was a decent mystery to uncover which is much more than I can say about most games

Damn it was fun especially for a mod (MAIL ME A CHECK PLEASE) but the last level sucked cock 9/10

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