Dark Sector
Date: Monday, March 30 @ 17:36:58 EDT
Topic: Action Game Reviews

This game is indeed a dark sector of my life. Seriously, how the hell do games like this get a budget. Does someone honestly go HEY I GOT A FUCKING GREAT IDEA! Let's take everything generic and mediocre, add a gimmick, then call it a video game! Because this game is so fucking generic it hurts my sack. It has game mechanics from 20 years and pretty much gave me aids while playing this shitpile. Apparently, it took them a fucking year to port this PILE of SHIT...why? I would preferred this shit stain of a game kept itself on the consoles.

Graphics: The graphics in this game range from bland to, what the fuck is that supposed to be? First thing first, all the models and the textures in this game SUCK. They are so fucking low-resolution and blurry it makes you wonder if your eye sight is going bad. Well its not, its just this game looks like dog shit being shoved into your eye sockets. The main character has this gay anime style haircut and looks bland as hell. Infact, all the characters have the most bland design, but compared to the levels, its a fucking masterpiece. The levels in this game are so incredibly shitty it hurts. The environments in this game range from boxy outdoor house area, to boxy sewer/factory area. It doesn't really matter because they use either gray or green for every CRAP low-resolution texture in this game so it all just blurs together. Seriosuly, every fucking level is just a series of boxes that you have to wiggle around. It's so fucking linear and so boxy and SO GENERIC. It makes my fucking ovaries pulsate with anger that something this average and shitty looking was made. It doesn't help that half the fuckin hallways and areas in this game either have NOTHING in them, or maybe a desk and some boxes. THATS ALL. The art design and the graphics suck.

Sound: GAY GAY GAY. The dialog in this game is so gay it feels like a room full of gay dudes having a gay orgy with penis going into every orfice. So you can do finishing moves to your enemies and everytime you do, the character says something stupid like "GET OFF ME!" or "STOP IT!" Like he is about to fucking cry. The dialog and voice acting are just absolutely pitiful and half the time you will be wondering what the fuck are they even talking about as NOTHING is explained. It doesn't help the weapon sounds are tinny as fuck and the music in this game rivals that of the crappiest in existence. It is some generic ambient noise track and its just crap.

Gameplay: The gameplay in this game is so generic it hurts. It is like they have a formula where you make a generic fucking action shooter and then simply add in a gimmick to try and sell the game. The gimmick in this game is the stupid monster powers/throwing blade thingy. You get powers as you go on to block bullets temporarly, throw a blade and control it, and generic shit like that. Other than that this game simply has the simple cover system from Gears of War and generic guns and upgrades that you can purchase. You can't pick up the enemies guns though because theres a super duper fucking gay magnetic bomb on it! Somehow it detects your gay monsterness and explodes after a while. The question is, only one of his hands is monster, so why the fuck can't he just hold the gun with his other hand. Who cares thats why. The whole game you run around shooting generic soldiers with guns, to generic monsters that run at you, and then sometimes an electric monster. Oh and occasionally a boss fight where you HAVE to use the finishing moves on them or they never die. God, its so fucking generic and boring it hurts my balls so much that I'm going to die of cancer. The gameplay and aiming is clunky as fuck, and the combat never evolves beyond shooting the same enemies over and over. Of course occasionally you get the blade puzzles, but it consists of HEY THROW IT HERE, and THEN THROW IT HERE. Apparently using your eletric blade and having it smash into a control panel will make it work. Fuck I could be an electrician now. The AI sucks huge cunt titties as well because THERE IS NONE. They should call the AI in this game ANTI-AI because it is pretty much the opposite of any sort of progress in AI. The enemies constantly respawn until you advance and all they do is either run at you, or fucking stand out in the open and shoot. Hell, one of the fucking AIs guys actually walked into a fire and killed himself. That's fucking classy stuff right there.

Story: What the FUCK is going on in this game? They don't explain a god damn thing. You start off going into some stupid ass bunker and everything is in black and white for no fucking reason. Then all the sudden you get stabbed with a blade by some shitty monster and you have powers? WHAT? Why the fuck? So then you fight and find this guy named mesner and kill him and then the game doesn't make any sense or explain shit. The story sucks my asshole.


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