F.E.A.R. 2: Project Orgin
Date: Sunday, February 15 @ 22:26:16 EST
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So here we have the ACTUAL sequel to FEAR instead of garbage fucking addons, made by third party developers who probably shouldn't be developing video games to begin with. Seriously, the story in Extraction Point was just fucking awful, and Perseus Mandate was pretty much just all around feces. Luckily, this game takes into account NONE of the events in those games. Reason why? Because it was fucking crap and Monolith decided to do it themselves and they got it going pretty damn good with this game.

Graphics: Just like the first game, the graphics in this mother fucker are just absolutely fabulous. This game has to look and run better on a PC than on the 360...hopefully they didn't fuck us over. All the textures look pretty damn amazing, very smooth, and nothing stands out as being low-resolution in the middle of abunch of high-resolution areas. The motion blur in this game is just fucking fantastic. There is one portion where a train comes crashing down some rails and you have to the fuck out of the way or prepare to become a pile of bloody goo. So when you watch it pass by, the motion blur just looks ABSOLUTLEY fucking fantastic as it flies by blowing sparks everywhere. Most people would probably shit their pants at moments like these and other moments throughout the game. I, however, am pretty much the manliest human being on Earth and nothing scares me. Infact, once I whipped my dick out Alma ran like a cheetah. Anyways, the textures all look fantastic, the models are all high quality as well. The environments are all detailed enough littered with literally hundreds of items depending on where you are. The only fucking problem is the environments, as varied as they are, feel a little repetitive as you end up in the same underground Armacham facility 20 fucking million times. Seriously, how many facilities do they even have? It's total bullshit. Anyways, another nice part of the graphics are the animations are just fucking top notch. From the twitching animations of Alma flashing her saggy grandma tits in front of you, to trains, planes and other shit crashing and blowing up all over the place it looks fucking FANTASTIC. Also, finally the shit ton of post processing effects make the game have that gritty shitty feel that you are in a fucked up destroyed city. The best part of the post processing effects is in the Heavy Armor Machine or the HAM as I like to call it. It really felt like you were looking through a screen as everything was being blown to shit with your massive miniguns HAHAH DIE!

Sound: Ok so the sound has some good parts and some mediocre parts, and surprise some absolutely shitty parts. First of all, most of the dialog is good, everything they say feels fine and is interesting enough to listen to. Also, the information files you find lying all around the game are fun to listen to as well. HOWEVER, some of the fucking dialog is HIDEOUS and its at this same point the voice acting becomes hideous because it sounds like the voice actors were probably like "Wtf is this shit? Did they pay some shitty mexican immigrant to write this garbage?" And you will think the same. Most of the dialog about the game is fine, but it hits a level of cheese when your partners talk about you. Like the driver of your shitty APC says stuff like "DAMN BECKETT YOU ARE ONE BAD MOTHER FUCKER!" Seriously, what is this Gears of War? That's such fucking lame cheesy ass dialog. There are numerous other ass-hole puckering examples. Other than that the dialog is pretty interesting and the voice acting is just fine, nothing to complain about. However, a lot of the weapon sounds have just become absolute pussy. They need to have more bass behind them so it actually sounds like im blowing huge chunks of flesh out of people!

Gameplay: Ok, so F.E.A.R. is just absolutely awesome with its sweet ass AI and epic slow motion battles where you blow the shit out of everything. This game continues the tradition as well although it feels slightly weaker. You don't start off with the slow motion shit until after you get some surgery bullshit. So Before that the combat is allright and its fun to shoot the crap out of people, but once you get it, the PURE QUALITY starts. Slow down, shoot the fuck out of everyone, blow the fuck out of the room, jerk off 5 times, and reload all in slow motion. Also, you still get injectors for more slow motion stuff throughout the game, but not the health ones anymore. The combat feels slightly weaker than the original game in the beginning but it picks up heavily once you get more weapons. Eventually you will be blowing the shit out of people. nailing those fucks to walls, and using your fucking kung fu double kick to kill people. Nothing beats that fucking kung fu double kick. That's how I opened every door in the game. So you battle through burnt out city streets, deep underground facilities, and thats actually about it...oh yeah there is some sewers and subway systems too. However, the game doesn't bring much, if anything, new to the table...the combat though is still absolute fucking gold. Slow down, snipe a guy in his dome, and then fucking shoot a rocket at the ground and kill yourself for no reason. Also, at some points you get a mechanized robot which is absolutley awesome, with huge miniguns that you can blow the shit out of anything in front of you. There is a bigger variety of enemies, there is regular human soliders you fight, and then quite a large selection of clone soldiers as well, there is also those ninja's as well, the stupid ghost things, and huge robots that you have to fight. They all make for fucking epic battles with explosions and ass kicking everywhere. Damn Fun.

Story: Ok so Alma is fucking on the lose and still whiny like a stupid bitch about her fucking babies that were taken. Anyways, she wants to absorb your soul because of what Genine, that bitch from Armacham did to you. So you just need to go put a bullet in Alma's Dome, and travel all over figuring out how to do it. The story is allright for the most part except for the absolute end. Just when you think you are going to find out what happens, THE FUCKING CREDITS ROLL. They fucking explain nothing, you fight a boss, and then you wake up and the GAME FUCKING ENDS, RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FUCKING GAME. It was completely lame and total bullshit.

Ok so it brings nothing new to the table, and the ending was CRAP, also any game that says "PRESS SPACEBAR TO CONTINUE" gets a fucking point deducted automatically from now on. Other than that, the combat is still fucking amazing, and the graphics are just absolute quality as well. 8/10

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