Gothic 3 Forsaken Gods
Date: Saturday, January 17 @ 01:21:25 EST
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Hi everyone, I am new here and after wasting those few hours of my life away playing this shit-fest game, I felt compelled to sign up and share my experience. Well first of all, let me address the bugs in this fucking piece of shit. There are so many god damn bugs in this game, its impossible to even go a half an hour without running into some kind of fuck up. From all your active quests getting erased to just plain shitty scripting, this games got it all. Yes that's right, in this game your fearless hero will face hordes of monsters, evil mages, and his most challenging task yet, GLITCHES AND GAME FUCK UPS.

For example, some dickhead tells you that you need to go rescue his spy in another town before he will give you your next quest which is essential to the progression of the game (which is just fucking stupid but I'll get back to that in a second). So you go rescue the fucktard and have him follow you back to the assface who sent you to get him, seems simple enough right? WRONG!!! You better be constantly turning around, and virtually walking backwards the whole way back because guess what? This fucking idiot will keep getting stuck for no good reason at all, and then running in the total wrong direction, and if your lucky enough to notice this shit going on, then you gotta run after him to get the fuckface back on track. I remember the first time I did this quest, I turned around and the moron was no where to be found. So now what am I supposed to do? Gotta re-load your last saved game, and hope to the "forsaken gods" that saved game was at least somewhere saved close to where you need to be. 9 times out of 10, this isn't the case, so you work your way back to leading the biggest fucking retard alive back to his gay butt-buddy. Only this time, the trip takes close to a fucking hour because you have to spend most of it walking backwards making sure this douche doesn't get lost. I swear its like leading a 5-year-old, only when it comes to this game its more like sticking your dick in a blender and drinking it, in fact that sounds more enjoyable than doing this bullshit. So you finally get the long-lost lovers back together, and are eager to receive your next task so you can get on with this pile of shit game. So you talk to the ass-clown that sent you on that trip to hell and back to see whats next, but guess what? He just stands there and tells you nothing but bullshit, and after a while you can't even engage him in conversation anymore. So now your sitting there thinking "WTF?!?!". Eventually, you gotta talk to the spy and he tells you to go find out about some fucking black mage. Now how the fuck were you supposed to know that? But let me tell you, you will start working on that quest only to come to another dead-end, its inevitable. Nobody tells you shit, nobody gives any helpful information, so you just run around for hours talking to the same fuck-sticks over and over and over till you just drive a knife into your face to put yourself out of this misery. What kind of fucking shitty ass planning went into this game huh?
This example is basically what the whole game is like. That's right, it doesn't get any better. Now let me tell you about the bullshit quests in this miserable piece of shit game. Basically the whole concept of the quests you get is just fucking ridiculous. It seems like all your doing is being everyone's bitch, taking care of all their bullshit jobs for them. Some retard tells you to go tell some other retard to get his birds off of his house in one, and I'm wondering why the fuck can't he do this himself? I'm not kidding, most of these quests are just a giant fucking maggot infested turd. For example at the beginning of the game, you have to get letters of recommendation for this asshole who says he doesn't trust you. Ok, I don't know how many of you have played Gothic 3, but long story short, your guy saves the land from the orcs and all that bullshit. Now what fucking reason does this guy have not to trust you? I guess in Gothic land, a guy who saves the world isn't nearly as trust worthy as a guy who got five dickheads to write a letter about him. The fate of the world rests on your character and this guy getting everyone in land to come together and make peace, but this fuckhead has you running around getting fucking letters from people, because hes dicking you around on some trust bullshit. Seriously, try to imagine if a bank was being robbed, so you run to a cop for help but he tells you that you have to do his dirty laundry first and then he will help you. It's fucking retarded, and 80% of the game is like this. It really doesn't do shit to involve you in the game. Like I was saying before, I was playing and trying to get passed all the shit in this game, hoping it will somehow get better, only to have all the quests in my quest log mysteriously disappear, so I was basically just existing in the world with no purpose or point. WTF?!?!?, how did they fuck that up? On top of that, all my previous saved games were the same some how. So needless to say my game was fucked. I don't know maybe it was divine intervention saving my ass from putting myself through this shit any longer. (Also I should mention I had the mental institution on speed dial just in case I went insane during the course of playing this spawn of Satan).
The combat system in this game is just another shitty aspect altogether. Don't listen to any shit about the stun locking problem being fixed, cuz that's a load of shit. I can't tell you how much I love taking out hordes of orcs, and armies of evil mercenaries only to go a few feet down the road and getting ass-raped by a wolf, It's bullshit. Not to mention, as far as any enemy whose some sort of weapon wielding humanoid goes, all you have to do is just click the mouse button a fast as you can to win, but this is not before entering in a cheat to make your endurance about 100000 cuz if you don't, your fucking pussy-ass "hero" gets tired after three fucking swings. Now why the fuck would they add some bullshit into the game like that? I know they were trying to fix the problem of being able to defeat anyone just by clicking, but this is just bullshit. And just for the record, your guy sounds like a fucking moron when he talks. Every time you talk to somebody, its a case of 20 questions with this guy. I mean this guys gotta be the most stupidest shit on the face of the planet. If I was talking to a guy like this in real life the conversation would end with his dick and balls being cut off and shoved in his mouth. Not to mention your guy sounds like a pussy bitch, the voice acting is just a load of shit. Sometimes you will be talking to an orc, and he sounds like a little kid.
Well I guess that pretty much sums it up. I know I know, might be a little over-kill, but that's what this fucking evil twisted piece of shit game does to you. It drives you to write huge reviews talking about how fucked up and shitty the game is. Bottom line is I would not take this game if it were handed to me for free. A donkey could take a shit, eat it and shit it back out and that would be more attractive to me than this pile of dung. So anyway, don't waste your time on this game unless your either prepared to kiss your sanity good bye, or you have a loaded gun next to your computer. Later ya'll. 0/10

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