Dead Space
Date: Thursday, November 06 @ 00:27:39 EST
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Hell yeah I just finished Dead space and it fucking kicks ass! Imagine System Shock 2 mixed with The Thing and throw in a shit ton of gore and you have Dead Space. Its an RPG/Action game mix and its pure awesome from the beginning to the end. Never a moment without a butthole puckering intensity!

Graphics: So one of the main things is with this game is that technologically it really doesn't have the greatest graphics. I mean they aren't bad at all but they are by no means top of the line. However, the art direction is just kick you in the fucking face great. So there are some low-res textures and somewhat small environments but its completely made up for by the fucking great well designed levels, the atmosphere within the game, and the awesomely designed enemies. So first thing fucking first! The game takes place for ninety percent of the time on the space station floating above a planet. All the environments and levels in this game are damn well designed. You travel all over the space station From MediSci, Engineering, Hydroponics, Crew Quarters, and all over the fucking place. Each area has its own design to it and just has a creepy feeling you never know when you are going to run into new enemies. Speaking of the enemies they are fucking GREAT. There is a fucking ton of different enemies, and everytime you think they won't introduce a new enemy another mutation or creepy thing that climbs or barrels at you. The design for all the ships, environments and characters all have this very sci-fi look to it and as a nice contrast, they suit your main character is in and all the weapons have a very retro look to them. They almost look like something out of Bioshock. One other thing that is awesome is the HUD in this game. Instead of being a normal piece of shit hud, there is nothing on the screen normally. You ammo is displayed on the weapon, and health is displayed on your spine. When you pull up the inventory the character actually looks at it like it is projected in front of them. It really helps the immersion factor when the main character actually responds to the environment in front of him.

The best fucking part of it all was the gore!. You don't kill them by shooting them in the body. You have to blow their fucking limbs off! HELL YEAH. The gore and the blood just fills the game as you blow a billion different chunks of the enemies off and they still come crawling at you. The animations for everything is so well done, its fucking great. If you leg gets pulled by a big tentacle, you blast the shit out of as the camera flails around until you blow a fucking hole in it and it shrivels up like my balls in cold water. So the art design in this game is just absolutey awesome.

Sound: The sound in this game is absolute awesome. The sound of people screaming as they get torn apart by enemies, or the sound of enemies getting blown apart still squishing towards you! All the guns have a full thick and heavy sound and really feel like you are blowing the fuck out of people with a gun. The music is absolutely awesome as well, staying quiet enough to just be ambient when you are idle and starts fucking pumping in full force when you get attacked. Plus the environment sounds all around when they are trying to scare the shit out of you all just sound absolutely great

Gameplay: This is the absolute best fucking part of the game! Its fucking intense all the way from the beginning to the end of the game and it never gets old. It has a slow walking pace but makes you want to crawl for fear of the shit that is going to being waiting in the next room for you. So the gameplay feels a lot like System Shock 2 which is awesome. You have an inventory system with ammo and weapons that take up slots. You get nodes that you can upgrade your suit and weapons with, such as the health or oxygen. Or increasing the capacity of the power of the weapons. There is a store where you can purchase new items and unlock new items to purchase. So you slowly creep around the ship helping to repair items, solving puzzles with your telekinesis and object slowing abilities. All the time while blowing off the limbs and body parts of all new enemies all the time. The mouse moves kind of slow but it really helps to make the game feel more intense. You always feel on edge when walking into new areas due to that fact that you are never sure what you are going to find there. There is a ton of different weapons from saws, rifles, and flamethrowers to dispatch the numerous types of enemies with and its all just a fucking blast. Hell it feels so much like a System Shock 2 clone that even the first couple of levels are Med/Sci, Engineering and Hydoponics just like system shock 2! There are tons of puzzles all in zero-gravity, using your telekensis abilites and all sorts of other shit. The gameplay constantly feels fresh as you creep your way along the ship. Seriously, its absolute fucking intensity all throughout the whole game from the combat, to all puzzles and the atmosphere in the game really helps to draw you in.

Story: So the story in the game is basically you are on a ship, sent to go help a space station that sent out a distress call. Well it turns out some mutant aliens fucked up their shit by the time you get there. Then there are abunch of twists and turns and its fucking fantastic. Also the story is help to presented by the few alive characters and the audio and text logs that are scattered throughout the ship telling of what happened before the people are mutilated. And as they should be, what kind of pack of fucking pussies couldn't take on some aliens when I can destroy them all. Thats what they get for being a pack of inferior pussies.

This game is intense, badass, and just fucking awesome 9.5/10

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