The Witcher: Enhanced Edition
Date: Wednesday, October 08 @ 22:42:44 EDT
Topic: RPG Reviews

So the developers of The Witcher realized they fucked up in a few areas and needed to fix some shit. Thank god they offer then enhancement for free to those who have already purchased the game. Fucking brilliant idea, and guess what! The game doesn't suck so much ass in many places anymore and is infact pretty damn good! So the Witcher: Enhanced Edition is a prime fucking example of what more developers should do

Well as for the graphics, they are mostly the same in most of the game, but that is to be expected, although the performance seems to be improved. The main part is that they updated the shit out of all the animations for all the characters. So now, you never see every character do that gay hand waving bullshit. Every character now has its own unique set of animations to make them actually move their hands to how they would in real life. They also introduced some new models to the game so you don't see the same fucking 10 people walking around Vizima the whole game. Also, now it looks like you are fucking decimating people when you unlock all the new more pussy swinging bullshit...its pure mutilation!

Another major fix is the inventory system now doesn't look like a complete fucking mess as they separated regular items and alchemy components. So now you don't have a big fucking mess of shit for your inventory. Not to mention, you know have 3 boxes each for alchemy and items instead of just 4 sloppy boxes total. This was definitely a nice fix. Also, there is a button to move everything into a order based upon item type.

Also there is a shit ton more dialog than there was originally and it now finally all matches the subtitles when they are speaking. Also, they fixed all the damn bugs in the game and it doesn't crash like a whore after a busy weekend.

The main thing they fixed however was THE FUCKING LOADING TIMES. No longer when I am entering a house do I have to wait ten fucking minutes for it to load. I could have done my fucking taxes and masturbated by the time one area was loaded before. Now everything loads extremely quick and it makes the game so much more enjoyable.

Now I didn't review this in the same format because I already reviewed the game and the core game isn't changed. However, there are two new add-on adventures that you can play with full voice acting and dialog. Either way it is still the same witcher but all the shit that was irritating is now fixed.

So I originally gave the game a 7/10 but now the enhanced edition gets a 8.5/10

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