Crysis Warhead
Date: Wednesday, September 24 @ 22:38:28 EDT
Topic: FPS reviews

YES YES AND MORE FUCKING YES! The best game to come out last year now has an expansion, and with my gtx 280, it actually runs pretty damn decent. This game will fist your fucking butthole with awesome. For a standalone expansion this game is just absolutely badass. And of course, the graphics still blow anything you can even think of out of the water.

Graphics: How much can actually be said? Even the first Crysis which came out about a year ago still has the best damn graphics in existence. This game simply takes it even further with more badass graphical shit. Also, in DX9, it runs even better than the the first game does! However, for some reason when you play the game in DX10 mode the game still runs like absolute dog ass. However, the graphical lose is a minute point as this game just looks absolutely gorgeous in all aspects. The millions of various trees, grass, animals and ocean all across the ocean in a giant fucking environment that you can almost go anywhere in. Then the ice levels will uppercut you to hell with these beautifully looking scenes with frozen water and waves all mixed in with giant ships and other things frozen in the ice. The tropical, ice, and even the cave level all look just absolutely gorgeous. The textures in this game are also updated with increased detail in the faces as well rocks and the guns look even more badass now. These graphics are basically all around TOP FUCKING NOTCH and this game just made them even better.

Sound: The sound is just plain fucking awesome. The main character sounds like a total badass even though he is British. Some of the dialog, however, from the other characters is almost corny sometimes, but its all saved by the badass voice acting of the main character who sounds like hes fucking in charge. Of course, since this is a expansion, a lot of the sounds from the first game are used but this is to be expected. The new mini gun sounds firing up are just fucking great and the tons of explosions, enemies and ambient music are all damn well done. The music is damn nice in this game, the classical/modern style really fits the game absolutely perfectly and fucking kicks in when you are rocking someones shit by driving a truck up there ass, diving out, and then blowing up the gas tank while using a fucking Korean as a shield. Basically, the whole game all around has top notch audio quality, of which the sound quality is improved from the first game. The audio is crisper from the voice acting, as well as from the suit.

Gameplay: Take that same fucking awesome Crysis gameplay with the nanosuit, pump it full a steroids and kick it up a fucking notch and this is what you got. This is a little bit different from the first Crysis as the game is just absolute non-stop ass kicking from the beginning to the end. You will be in firefights gunning down 20 of those shitty Koreans, sniping nano-suit wearers with your Gauss rifle, in truck chases firing the minigun at all the explosives and blowing down the piece of shit shacks scattered all around the area. There is some new weapons at your disposal, one of the dual uzi-type weapons of which you can just fucking spray a slew of bullets, and take drown tons of enemies and blowing down trees all at the same time. There is also the new minigun which is on top of the new vehicle which is an armored transport. There is still all the awesome old weapons and tons of ammo spilled everywhere for your pleasure. The levels in this game are just fucking non-stop packed ass kicking. You go from blowing away koreans in jungles, and other various areas, to shooting the aliens in the frozen wastes, to blowing the shit out of everything in your path with miniguns on a train chase, from searching through the frozen ship stuck in the ice, its just top fucking quality ass kicking. The nano-suit is still the fucking king of suits. Fuck Master Chief's suit, this thing whoops ASS. Can you throw a korean through a hut, shoot the shit out of everything running by at lightning speed, and then cloak behind a truck to plant a bomb on it? DONT FUCKING THINK SO. There is also a new plasma type gun with infinite ammo that you use to blow the shit out of this giant exo-suit. This game is AWESOME in every respect.

Story: The Korean's have this container with one of the aliens stored in it. You chase after them to get this shit out of their hands, awhile at the same time, trying to escape the island with everyone still intact. That's pretty much it for the story, its not the best but it suits the game perfectly and helps to show more about Psycho. Not to mention, it also explains how they got that big piece of shit to the USS Constitution.

This game does have EA's lame ass DRM system on it with limited installs which would make me give the game a 0 out of 10. However, I am only looking at the game itself without the copy protection factor so it gets a SOLID 10/10

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