Space Siege
Date: Sunday, August 17 @ 22:27:12 EDT
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So Gas Powered Games decides to take a turn from the shitty overused medieval style used in TONS OF rpgs, including their own dungeon siege. So here I was expecting a new version of dungeon siege but this time with a gigantic sci-fi theme (which is better than medieval). Instead, what you get is a LINEAR action game with very SKIM linear rpg elements and a shitty ending. That's right...they fucked it up.

Graphics: So the graphics in this game have a nice science fiction theme. The whole game is aboard a giant space ship that you can travel all around. Well there's one thing to describe these fucking graphics GREY. GREY GREY FUCKING GREY. EVERY fucking level on this game has gray walls and gray floors and just tons of gray. Now granted it doesn't look bad, the graphics themselves are pretty decent with some cool looking effects. However, every fucking area on the space ship looks exactly the same. Everytime I went somewhere I was like what the fuck? Didn't I come here already. They needed to add in some fucking variety but they just pissed in my fucking eyes with bleach instead. Also, at first the enemies seem quite cool looking both the aliens and the cybers, but eventually it just becomes a fucking blur of guys with melee attacks and guys who shoot. You just stop fucking caring. The main thing about these graphics is that they are fucking more repetitive then Ben Stiller's acting. Seriously, stop fucking making movies, you are more 2D then Steven Seagal. The graphics overall have a decent look to them just everything from the enemies and environments get ridiculously repetitive.

Sound: The sound is decent in parts and shitty in others. The voice acting for the main character is just fine and tolerable, and the dialog is just your standard run-of-the-mill dialog but what can you expect from a dungeon siege styled game. However, EVERY other character has the worst fucking voice acting EVER. It's worse than Limbo of the Lost (PLAY IT RITA BABY). Honestly, I felt I was being tortured in Guantanamo. The sound effects for the guns are decent but again all the sound effects get as repetitive as the graphics. Everything else has nothing even memorable about it.

Gameplay: There's basically a super easy way to sum up this game. Short, linear, and easy. First of all I beat the game in about 2 or 3 sittings playing a few hours each time. So this game was, in essence about 8 to 10 hours long which is a fraction of the dungeon siege games. Then there is no leveling up system. Basically ,in this game you just run around and shoot the shit out of any of the enemies on screen. Or there also seems to be a SHIT TON of explosives laying around for no reason. Then basically everything you blow up or kill drops parts and you use the parts to upgrade yourself, weapons, har-v (your stupid useless robot companion), or build medkits and grenades. Now theres like a fucking billion of these save/health rooms in the levels so you can never run out of any sort of health. Also, you pretty much get enough parts to upgrade all yourself, all of har-v and fully upgrade three weapons. So basically theres no fucking other way to advance! The way you do it is the same way everyone else does it! What the fuck! That means theres no replayability. Atleast Dungeon Siege had Melee, Archers, and two types of magic that you could go in. You also get skill points to allocate but nothing is really that great. Finally you can install cybernetic parts that give you boosts but reduce your humanity and there is different endings (BARELY DIFFERENT) based on what you install. WELL FUCK IT, INSTALL THEM ALL. They give huge bonuses and the ending is just as normal as the rest of them. So basically you just run around shooting the crap out of everything on screen and thats about it....gather parts, and level up in only one way possible. It can be fun at parts don't get me wrong, it was fun shooting the crap out of a ton of enemies and just destroying all these space aliens but it got old fast. Im dissapointed

Story: So you leave Earth for some bullshit reason because these stupid ass aliens invaded. Well while everyone is on the ship they attack the ship. Well the AI puts everyone to sleep and eventually makes a cyborg army to fight the stupid ass aliens, but then the aliens use cybernetic technology to make themselves better. So let me ask you this. WHY THE FUCK, if we couldn't defend our selves on Earth or anything, would the aliens need to cybernetically enhance themselves to take out just one dude? The story was pretty run-of-the-mill but it wasn't the worst story every told.

Basically this game is a pale version of dungeon siege 4/10

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