Assassin's Creed
Date: Tuesday, May 13 @ 15:39:03 EDT
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So Ubisoft, who is universally known for their completely shitty ports from console to pc, decided to port Assassin's Creed! Now, I heard this game was totally awesome, but who ever told me that should be punched in the mouth. This game should be renamed Prince of Creed: Do the same thing for 7 hours.

Graphics: Now once again, the graphics are the best part of this game. You have tons of people walking around which makes the cities feel alive. There is tons of buildings and plenty of shitty places to go around. So the graphics definitely pretty nice looking except all the cities all look the same. I mean I run around on a fucking horse and go all around and every damn city looks just like the fucking city before it. So the cities look nice for sure, and also all the character models are well done. There are plenty places to climb and fucking do abunch of stuff all around. Thats all there is really to say, the character models are varied enough and there is plenty of them. This game is so boring it doesn't even matter

Sound: Boring, boring boring boring. All the dialog is typical dialog, none of it is very interesting. The voice acting is completely typical and nothing is very special. The fighting sounds are nothing special either. The sound is completely boring.

Gameplay: So basically take prince of persia and add it to this game. You just do the typical jumping around shit that you have already done in a million other platform games. Then you have to do some researching by going to the top of buildings, then you stalk someone, and kill them at a certain time. You do this OVER AND OVER AND OVER, until you shoot yourself in the fucking head because this game is boring. You do the same shit three hundred times and kill a guy and then you get more weapons. This game sucks.

Story: The story is something like you are getting your memories fucked with. Then you have to go in them and find out where some stupid treasure is. This game BLOWS

Yeah the review is short but this game is so boring so who gives a fuck 3/10

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