Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer
Date: Wednesday, October 10 @ 15:51:25 EDT
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So of course they have to release an addon for NWN2 because they fucked up certain parts of it and wanted an excuse to make money at the same time while fixing them. Anyways the new addon is a pretty damn good addition to the game.

Graphics: So obviously the graphics are mostly the same because its the same damn engine as the regular game. The game though does overall look much shaper and cleaner then the original campaign did. They used much better art direction in places and had some way better textures in areas than the first game. I would fucking hope so too because its coming out about a year later. Also the city of Mulsantir doesn't feel devoid of buildings as Neverwinter did in the original campaign. Another thing they did that was better is instead of using stupid 3D poses for the icons they actually drew them so they dont look like utter ass! So basically the graphics are a bit improved in areas and it helps the game look a lot better then it originally did.

Sound: So now they have new characters with new dialog that is actually a bit more interesting than what most of the shit heads in your original party had to say. Also the voice acting for most of the characters is pretty damn good once again. The best part is simply that the characters you can travel with are more interesting than previously. Whats more interesting a fucking spirit bear? Or a lame ass druid from the original campaign? Also there is some new tracks of music that actually suits part of the game quite well. Such as the music playing while you are in the dead realm or wherever the fuck, fits the area you are in perfectly. So good dialog, voice acting, and good music all in order.

Gameplay: So this game starts you off at level 18 and they raised the cap level to 30. Thank fucking god...I'm sick of all these RPGs where they start you off from scratch and make up some bullshit of why all your gear is missing or why you lost all your skills. Its just lazy developing thats what fucking lost my gear. Anyways, most of the gameplay is the same except they finally fixed the camera! No more bullshit NWN1 style...instead they switched the character management to be just like it was in Baldurs Gate. You can just drag and select your companions and tell them where to go and to shut their fucking mouths because you are sick of hearing their bitching. They also introduce abunch of new classes that you can be which helps to expand the game (dur point of an expansion). The campaign is about 20 hours long and provides a new story that is mixed in with a continuation of the original story and sort of new. So basically they fucking fixed all the things to the way they should have been originally and added in way more classes. Except dont be a fucking Red Wizard because they gay you up in the game. 10 Guys come out of no where and just start anally raping you. Also you have some gay spirit eater measure bar which degrades your stats as the bar decreases. This can get pretty damn annoying at times when you dont see any spirits for awhile and your stats become shitty. So anyways the gameplay is similar obviously because its an addon but you get more of the same with better companions, more story, better camera, more detailed environments and it doesn't feel rushed this time.

Story: So you wake up in some cave where some bald bitch is about to give you some bald head. You escape the cave and the spirit bear Okku wants to cut your dick off and mount it on a pike. Anyways you work your shit out and it turns out that you have been infected with a curse called the spirit eater bullshit. It just basically means you were such a pussy you could resist a curse. Anyhows you work thorugh the game to solve this curse and other shit it entails. The story and plot in this game is much more intriguing in this game than it was previously. The story is pretty damn good and it feels more captivating than the original campaign. So fucking hooray!

A good addon providing extra classes, a continuation of the campign, and higher level caps 9/10

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