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Re: Fallout 3 (Score: 1)
by flaming_ass_packet on Tuesday, December 02 @ 10:51:55 EST

fuck, its about time you posted a fallout review even thoe its more hyped then showing your gay boyfriend your penis for the first time after the enlargment surgery.

first of all, this game is NOTHING like the original fallouts - your an avid fan of them? FUCK YOU! YOUR NOT! the original fallouts had much more content then this peice of shit oblivion with guns mod. there is more unique locations and content then oblivion but not much more. compared to an original fallout title there is NONE. this game is a shit stormed mainstream introduction to fallout for all the console fags in mind. the game is eayser then feeding a peice of cheeze to the plague rat that lives inside your mothers pussy. they even stripped down all the skills and added a level 20 cap WHICH MAKES THE GAME POINTLESS TO PLAY once you hit it. oh ya, and the main quest is short as fuck (not more then 2 hours of gameplay??!?!? fuck that!) oh and you cant continue you play the game when you beat the main quest. oh ya, and all the side quests fucking blow. i dont know what the fuck you are talking about when you say the side quests kick ass. some are alright but the only good quests are found in major locations with a total of like 6 good quests and one main quest - BIG FUCKING DEAL.

the game WAS fun to play while it lasted but got old fast.

as a fallout title i give it: 6/10

as a regular game i give it: 7.5/10

as for your mom last night: 10/10

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