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Re: Spore (Score: 1)
by Rycon on Wednesday, October 29 @ 12:18:50 EDT

Yep, i fell the hype.. I was like YES OMGZ A NEW ORIGINAL GAME..

But of course since there genious producers (or whomever) decided that the legit version should only be allowed to be installed 3 times. So I was like.. uhh ok.. but the pirates said there version could be installed as many times as you want... so i did the math and figured out that thats a better idea... go figure. This really didnt matter as I only installed this game 1 time.

I get into the game, the first level is sweet, creating my monster.. swim around that was a cool intro.. and then the game suddenly screamed 'This is gay just like the Sims' and my IQ dropped about 2 points bringing me to a total of 5.

Im quite tired of this bull shit argument that pirating is killing PC gaming.. BAD FUCKING GAMES is killing PC gaming. The only reasons CONSOLES do better is because thats what every single fucking noob on earth plays.. they dont know the first thing about PC and rather play dog shit like Halo all day then actuley have any skill whatsoever. Every single faggot I meet somehow cannot keep his hand on W-A-S-D to move around and use a mouse to look around.. its like there brain overloads and malfunctions due to 2 different things happening at once.. instead they opt for an awkward controller with movement and aiming as precise as my 2 inch cock poking ur moms canyon.

Consoles are for noob butt plunger fags.
Spore is for completely useless twats.

and I did all of ur moms last night at the same time

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